AP Player Looking For Serious 5v5 ranked

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Reznor Synox



Im Looking for a serious 5v5 ranked team i live in australia and can play mostly all day

My champions listed in order by favourite -
Swain , Gragus , Karthus , Malzahar , Kassadin , Viktor , Veigar , Vlad , Xerath

My in game name is: Reznor Synox
I play agressive on over time damaging champs AKA : Swain
And farm/passive play on bursty champs so i can melt champs AKA : Veigar/Karth
I am 16 Played for one and a half years
I can communicate with skype
I speak English go figure.

Please add and msg me if interested and want me tested or just play idk your call