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Make Yasuo only able to dash to champions, I'm tired of him running circles around me and escaping EVERYTHING with just the press of a button by dashing to minions every .5 seconds, then the ability gets down to .1! How is that fair in any way!?! That is not reasonable at all.

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The change that you're suggesting would completely destroy his mobility. He is so squishy that it's not even funny. Without it, he would bite the dust so fast. There are plenty of ways to counter Yasuo, even is mobility. Here are a few examples.


1) Ryze - he has a targeted root, so Yasuo can't dodge it. This means Ryze is free to throw out spells and decimate his health bar.

2) Silence/Fear - there are a number of silences/fears in the game that aren't attached to projectiles. Talon's Cutthroat, Soraka's Infuse and Fiddlesticks' Fear are just a few. And these can provide enough time for your team to jump on him and kill him.

3) Stuns - there are a number of stuns that can stop Yasuo for a decent amount of time. Lissandra's Frozen Tomb, Jax's Counterstrike, Leona's Shield of Daybreak, and Veigar's Event Horizon cannot be blocked or dodged.


Yasuo excels at dodging and out-playing. Getting teammates to help is really the only way to kill him, unless he commits to a fight that he can't win. There are several team comps and strategies to deal with him too.

1) Lane Swapping - this tactic was used in the EU LCS recently to shut down Kassadin. One team sent the ADC and Support into the mid lane and kept Kass at his turret most of the time. As with Yasuo, getting him under the turret will apply pressure that will cause him to miss minions and not retaliate against the swap.

2) Hard engagement - engage on Yasuo with hard engagement, such as will Leona, Wukong or Malphite. All of these champions will lock Yasuo down for a period long enough to kill him.

3) Exhaust - Yasuo MUST attack to be effective at all. Exhaust will decrease his attack speed, lowering his damage significantly since he can't really crit, raising the cooldown of Steel Tempest so he can't build stacks of Gathering Storm, and preventing any meaningful counter-initiation with his ultimate, as its damage will be much lower. Exhaust destroys Yasuo. And ANY champion can take it.

Team Comps

1) Pick Comp

[Top] Dr. Mundo
[Jungle] Pantheon
[Mid] Le Blanc
[ADC] Sivir
[Support] Annie

This comp specializes in singling out targets by gaining increased movement speed, having gap closers and hard CC. Sivir can use her ultimate to get her team into position. Pantheon and Annie provide stuns that chain into CC from Le Blanc - silences and roots. Any champion caught, Yasuo included, will not get away. Dr. Mundo provides extra slowing utility if the target happens to survive, which is unlikely.

2) Hard Engage Comp

[Top] Shyvanna
[Jungle] Wukong
[Mid] Gragas
[ADC] Ashe
[Support] Leona

This comp excels in splitting up teams and dropping heavy CC on them so that they cannot retaliate on an all-in. Shyvana can dive into the enemy team and split them up. Wukong can dash in and knock everyone up with his cyclone. Gragas can throw his cask and knock the **** out of everything he hits. Ashe can stun/slow multiple targets with Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Leona can jump in and land her ult, stunning most of the team. Every champion has a method of starting a fight that everyone else can capitalize on. In regard to Yasuo, He cannot block Shyvana's, Wukong's or Leona's ultimates, opening up the potential for Ashe and Gragas to ult him while he cannot retaliate.

Essentially, any comp that does not rely on projectile-based CC can destroy Yasuo. He has plenty of weaknesses, as I have just explained. Rather than complain about him being broken, figure out how to counter him. Sure, a lot of champions can be very overbearing (a really good Rengar, for one), but they all have weaknesses that can be exploited. When these weaknesses are exploited, they become much less of an issue. If they need farm, lane swap to keep them under turret and make CSing more difficult. If they rely on auto attacks, then select champions or itemize to decrease the efficiency of or prevent auto attacks, utilizing champions like Leona or items like Randuin's Omen.

TL;DR - rather than complain, figure out a counter. Think about what Yasuo needs to do in order to be successful and find a way to prevent him from doing it or decreasing his efficiency at it.