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Champions who need IN GAME MODEL UPDATES

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Blitzcrank - Bottom half looks clunky / awkward

Heimerdinger - Update that afro! (turrets could look a little more badass too)

Master Yi - Giant stupid diamond feet. Doesn't feel like a samurai at all.

Pantheon - What is he, bigfoot? Look at his feet, than compare them to Gangplank's normal sized feet.

Ryze - Giant stupid diamond feet. Scroll & book could use an update

Singed - Giant stupid damond feet. Cool new poison update, but now it out models the actual champ. His bane skin is amazing though.

Taric - Giant stupid diamond feet. He has a rat tail.

Zilean - Clock face needs an update. Looks like it was made in MS Paint.

I know Riot will be updating the most out of date skins, but these are the ones that need the update ASAP, in my opinion.

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ASAP? No, srry, but the ones that DO need an update ASAP are:
Annie, which looks super cute on the splash art, but in-game she looks... has a long neck, and looks chubby from below :I
Lulu, her face! is.... just.... wrong... cute on the splash also, but creepy in-game @_@
Poppy, ugly too, on the splash and in-game, she only looks cute on the Battle Regalia skin, her cheeks... looks like a chipmunck with nuts :/