AP Elise Bot Sup

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So Does anyone else think her w harass is one of the easiest "Skill" shots to do?
Iv been playing her with flat ability power and at lvl 1 i do 135 damage per spider. Basically you can contiunuosly harass the enemy and keep them in a bad position.
when supporting i generally try to stick away from th e q move.
Pump up w, get stun. Then rush to the caster slow item. take more of a tankish roll because you can pop up into the sky at any time to avoid damage. and your spiders can keep the enemy slowed from ridiculous range once you get close enough use q and you can keep it up basically forever.
its not perfect, it has downfalls, but it also has alot of benefits adc generally have alot of problems with it, 2-3 spiders generally makes an adc have to wait for heals use a potion or go back.