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fix these two bugs asap plz !!!

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Aight first of all, Hello !

1st bug : Olaf being already taken when he's not.
Happened to me twice today in ranked games, I wanted to pick Olaf, as jungler, no one had it and he wasn't banned either, but the game was giving me this alert :
"This champion has been already taken". so ya its fun to be able to play a character when you need to/want to play it.

2nd bug : error alert lock down.
If for some reason you try you switch champion at the very very very last second and the game doesn't not allow it, you will get an error message saying that you ran out of time. BUT it will repeat itself forever, doesnt matter how many times you click on it, Which is kinda embarrasing when you do want to switch masteries or summoner spells after picking, because you CAN'T.

So yea thanks for your attention, No need to reply, just fix it as soon as possible Please !!!

Have a good day