I gained 500 elo in 1 month, then dropped 250 and gained it back in 12 days, AMA

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Here is my lolking elo graph: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/23187034#profile

I was in the 1000s for a long time while I was playing WoW, playing a few games of LoL per week at best, not caring much about my elo. Around 6 months ago I quit WoW and the only game I played was league, got up to the 1200s.

When they announced the rewards for season 3 I decided I wanted to try and get gold. One month later (33 days iirc) I was 1519 elo. Having achieved my goal, I lost focus/motivation/whatever and dropped to 1263 elo in just over a month.

Then I realised that the soft reset for season 3 would be based off your current rating and not your highest rating. In order to reach my new goal (Plat in season 3) I had to get my rating as high as possible before the season 2 end in order to have that small edge when the reset goes through. So here I am 12 days later, back at 1519 rating.


PS I didn't play much for that +250 I think I lost only 2-4 games

PPS Don't ask me why I suck so much with Lee sin