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I would not be suprised if I was perma=banned

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I would have been sad as if my soul was torn out, but not surprised. My account has been suspended a ridiculous amount of times(i think around 8), I think the only reason I haven't been perma banned yet because I've been playing this game a long time, so the suspensions are spread out.
Ever since the tribunal came out, I've been forced to improve my behavior bit by bit. I think that would be the reason why riot's been so very lenient with me is because they actually look at this.
Very commendable riot, to see if the player is actually improving. This last suspension, the time I spent in between the previous one and the most recent one, I would wager I was really toxic in about ~3 games out of like a hundred or more, that's still a percentage though. I used to be a lot worse. Like I said, the tribunal works instantly for some, for others it doesn't work at all, and for some like me, it works slowly.
~3 games out of a hundred or more is too many, way too many, but its actually a huge improvement for me. I have taken many efforts/precautions to remind me to be a better player, including changing my name as a reminder. It works. I am a model player for most of my games...
I am on the razors edge though probably. Today my account becomes unbanned at about 7 pm, and I am pretty sure all it would take is a single bad game to be suspended again.
My reform card only had 2 games in it, after all.

Anyway, if lyte or some1 else would like to shed light on the matter, I would appreciate it. Am i "on the razors edge"?
How many games or how much time does it take before I have a clean record? Its just that I play mostly ranked, so things can get heated, i mean **** happens in ranked and I am one of those players who actually cares, so its hard to pretend a bad player doesn't bother me who throws away a game in one mega-stupid decision, but I do most of the time. Its no excuse, and while I have snuffed out most of my toxic behavior, I feel a little of it does remain, I just have to find some final way to push myself over. I don't insult teammates mind you, lately what it was, was simple arguing, even badgering. I guess that's not allowed either, even if you don't straight out insult, its not that hard for people to see that beneath the surface you hate them. At least for that moment. I have to find a way to deal with it, and I think i can because I have found a way to deal with straight out trolls/feeders who are 0/10, I just accept it as there is nothing I can do.
I think the answer is to play games only when my disposition is good, not neutral, and certainly not dark. This past week I have found other things to occupy my time, so I think I can do it. It's hard though, if your addicted to lol to not keep going.
I think I need to find two addictions, so I can manage one with the other. Meh, I digress.