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a new idea for a different gameplay

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so this is the first time i have ever posted a forum thing, but i was thinking of a new gameplay type, and i was curious if anyone other than myself would be interested. it would be more of a roaming game, like the maps would be larger, and the goal would be to kill the enemy summoner champions, instead of pushing to destroy the nexus. you would start out with some gold to buy items, and you get money based on kills, do to the nature of the game, kills wouldn't grant as much gold. i figure leveling would be on the same premise. but there wouldn't be creeps pushing turrets. i don't know maybe there could be "jungle" monsters for extra xp and gold, as well as buffs. i feel like this could also be teams, or even every man for himself, lonewolf. i don't know if its any good of an idea. the way i figure you can play to 25 or to 50 or to 100 kills depending on how long you wanted the game-play to last. have different queues for the different lengths.
for all i know a game like this exists somewhere but its just an idea. it wouldn't be like a shooter game like halo or cod, because you would level in game and also have items to build from.