Low Level Matchups

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I'm level 17, and I'm being matched up with people 20+ who are able to have the good tier 3 runes. This means that trading becomes very very difficult in lane because I dont have the better stats, and yet we get matched. Even if I outplay and get 3 hits in and they get 2, they would do more damage. Riot should try to fix this by either: 1. Allowing lower levels have access to tier 3 runes 2. Stop matching the ones who can't have runes with the ones who can. It seems so unfair to deny the right to runes at a lower level, but still match them up with people with good runes.

This also applies to summoner skills at even lower levels of the game. But with the summoner skills, they should let the people have access to the same summoner skills as the summoner with the highest level in game. Any thoughts?