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There should be an adjustment to the matchmaking system

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That PvZ Guy



I may be wrong, but I feel like this could potentially improve this game.

I recently read an article that spoke about how Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is using a new matchmaking system that's never been used in any previous COD installment that matches players based off of ping and latency. Now I know most people will probably say, "It's COD, LoL is a much different game." Well that's true, but why couldn't LoL use a matchmaking system like that? I am tired of players on my team (and even players on the opposing team) constantly blaming their poor performance on "Lag." With a matchmaking system based off of ping and latency, that could cancel out that problem. If you're a player like me who typically has good ping, then that means you would get matched with other players with good ping. That way, other players in your round could never say that they're doing badly because of "Lag." Then, if they do perform worse, then you'll know that they're just bad at this game

Again, I may be wrong, but I feel like this could POTENTIALLY improve this game.