Hide n Seek

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If u absolutely disagree with the rules, please don't comment. If u have only some notes, or you agree with the rules, i want to hear your opinion!

These rules i will use in my HnS rooms. If u like them, u can use them.
Hide n Seek (HnS)

*********General rules************

1) Map is always The Crystal Scar.

2) Game mode must be draft. (if you like, you can play all random or blind, but its not fun)

3) No capturing the points! If someone starts, the game is officially "trolled". the ally team of the troll must leave the enemy team to kill him. After that the enemy team must cap

4) Storm buffs are allowed for both teams!

5) *optional*(i use it in my games)Kassadin, Warwick, Teemo, Evelyn, Twisted Fate, Rengar are pre banned. This rule makes many people angry, BUT! In every game, whoever knows the game will ban the same champs. Teemo, eve, tf and reng. and 2 more bans. But! This rule will give some choice for banning!
Ex. Ashe, Lee and XZ. those i ban the most with this rule. And enemies may ban Shaco twitch and rammus or something else. Thats what i would ban.

Every champion (except the banned ones (cuz its draft)) is allowed to be played if u dont use the pre bans.

6) Both teams are allowed to use Oracles after 15 minutes!
If Seekers buy oracle before 15, the hiders are allowed to kill them and it will be no -1.

7) No one from the teams is allowed to buy Guardian Angel, Hextech Sweeper or Lightbringer.

8) No clairvoyence allowed!
**********Seeker's rules**********

Only 1 slow item for the team! No matter what. even if it is only phage or trinity. [Edited, cuz it is too OP ingame for some champions]

Seekers must wait till 4:00 till they go out.

There are 2 seekers.

Seekers have 40 minutes* to kill each hider 5 times.

Seekers must recall on low health, but they must go back to base when they reach 350 HP or lower. If they chase on (for ex 500) and they die. It's no -1 for the hider, cuz seekers may always recall. Health increases every 5 mins with 75hp.

No spawn-camping! Give the recently deceased some time to hide (35 seconds)

If a seeker kills someone that is out, the one that is out gets +1.

If a hider that is out attacks/helps, you can kill him.

If the seekers fail their goal, they must surrender.

If a seeker disconnects all hiders get -2. If its from the beginning, all the hiders get -3.
If the hiders will get out cuz of that. then the minus is brought to a number that they wont be out. (If they all have 3 from 5 lifes. They will get only -1. so they play at least once)

**********Hider Rules**********

Only one upgrade slow item -Frozen Mallet or Entropy or Rylais Crystal Scepter for the team.
And one lower slow item for the team- Phage or Trinity force. *IF THIS RULE IS USED AND THOSE 2 CAN NOT BE CATCHED. THEN THE SLOW ITEM MUST BE 1*

Each hider only has 5 lives, these are lost by execution/death/recalling or killing a seeker.

If a hider disconnected or left/afk and died during that time, the death doesn't count.

If a hider disconnected, his lifes left go to the others. The host will say to who..

If all hiders have lost their lives, they must surrender.

Hiders go out at 3:30 so they can have upgraded and enchanted shoes and a gp10 (gold per 10 seconds) item! If they have different thing its -1 if they don't sell it and wait for the requested items.[edited]

A hider may give a number of his lifes left to a teammate.
**If someone out gets a life, he must recall and buy items. and be left to hide. If a seeker gets in his way he gets +1

---------Other rules---------

*Time may be extended due to rule breaking or disconnects.

**You may attack defeated hiders if and only if they did something more than auto attack you during their typing. Ex: Chasing seekers, using skills, being in the FoW, etc.

***Defeated Hiders may not interrupt the game in any way. (No helping others, no chasing seekers, no attacking seekers, no capturing, etc.)

****Defeated hiders may not enter the fog of war unless they are only getting the speed boost and running back out.

*****Both teams can not "trap spam", due to killing and getting scores confuse. So traps can be put in a 1000 in-game range one from other or its -1.

***Helpful things*

People are often confused about is it -1 or not.

Sometimes there are accidents that happen, like accidental kills or what not and have to be a confirmed accident by either the host or the rest of the team.

Game is finished on 44:00 when the loser team must surrender!

If you have questions, i would like to hear you. I will often edit this thread.

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If a seeker disconnects all hiders get -2. If its from the beginning, all the hiders get -3.
A seeker could be told to leave at End Game when the Hiders only have a couple lives or less each, then they'd instantly win.

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@FoxCharm well nice question. If the situation is so. there will be only -lives till 1 life left.
If they all have 3 lifes from 5. then it will be only -1. so they all can play at least once more.
il edit this.