Tell me you wouldn't play this champion! Riot come look!

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I have birthed genius. He's brutal, deadly, tanky and best of all... badass!

I have designed a champion where players have to make extra, proper decisions in combat where risks comes with rewards! High risks, high rewards.

Here's an overview of his abilities:

Battle Stance / Defensive Stance - (Toggle)
Battle Stance: Increases attack damage, attack speed and movement speed by a set amount. A small portion of damage taken is reflected back to its attackers.

Defensive Stance - Increases armor and magic resist. Casting or toggling abilities give this champion a shield that scales off health.

Now this ability should have about 5 second cool down in between switching stances, if not he'd have an infinite supply of shield. Try not making him a button masher to prevent large amounts of defensive stance shield procs.

Trample: Charges to a short, selected location dealing damage to enemies this champion passes through slowing them. Enemies with less than 60% health are knocked up.

Now this is a great initiator's ability that syncs very well with defensive stance. Initiating on enemies while granting himself a shield. Or if you're in battle stance, an aggressive chasing ability especially to enemies fleeing with low health as they will get knocked up.
Plus the movement speed bonus you gain from battle stance, there's a high chance of catching your prey.

Evasive Maneuver: This champion cannot be targeted by abilities for 2 seconds.
Battle Stance Bonus - Movement speed is increased for each attack landed while in Evasive Maneuver.
Defensive Stance Bonus - Increases the duration by 1 second.

Now this ability gives him that strong top lane power putting champions that have powerful targeting abilities to a disadvantage for the time being. Like Darius, or Cho'Gaths ultimate for example, or if you're simply trying to not get flinged by Singed. This ability actually evens out the playing field a little forcing enemies to see who wins in hand to hand combat, except this champions gains a bit of upper hand.


War Cry: Taunts enemies within the radius of this ability for 1.5 seconds. For 5 seconds this champion applies fear to enemies attacked as long as Evasive Maneuver is active. Trample now applies Fear to affected enemy champions.

I could have given him a nuking ultimate, or a defensive steroid. But all those needs are already in his Stance abilities. So I gave him what most new tanks/bruisers don't have. An ultimate that initiates battles much like Amumu's or Galio's.

As far his passive, I'm just not sure.

How he looks, bulky, but not too bulky armor wielding two oversized scimitars! Mean looking trooper. Comes from the Shurima Desert that led an army of some sort.
Valguard, Warlord of the Sands ?? Sounds good to me!

Tell me what you guys think!

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You generally don't want to give tanks a shield and THEN a damage immunity. Avoiding damage is for assassins or dps, whereas tanks/bruisers mitigate it and you already have a shield. You want to make people attack you, not make yourself invincible and have the enemies target your allies instead.

Rework your E into something more tank-like that fits in with defensive/battle stance.

Or, Battle/Defensive stance could go the ways of Jayce/Nidalee/Elise and have a separate kit for each stance.

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look at your own name, even you wouldn't play this champ