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Any suggestions for a Heimer build?

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Tony Shelurs



The first champion I saved up for was Heimer, and I learned to play him rather well quickly. I haven't played him for a while however and have been playing other postions such as AD carries and full blown support champions, and So I ask from the Heimer playesr, the few of us that exist, What items seem to compliment Heimer the most?

I always start out with Sorcerer boots and go into and Philosopher stone. I get the stone for mana regen and for the money bonus, I eventually build it in Eleisa's Miracle by late game.
If I am in need of money I usually grab a Kage's lucky pick, which I later build into a deathfire grasp assuming that I grabbed the pick in the first place.
I later build Rylei's scepter, Deathcap, and an Athene's Unholy Grail.

This is generally the item set-up I use with Heimer. Like I said, I cannot remember what compliments him as of now, so I usually experiment with different builds from match to match.

When I heimer I usually AP mid.
Any suggestions from my fellow Heimer players out there?

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Senior Member


Heimer drinks mana like water. The new Chalice upgrade is a godsend on him.

He's incredibly squishy. Rylais and Zonyas Hourglass both help mitigate that a great deal. Rylais on your missiles both helps kite and can be amazing for helping your team-mates catch runners.

I actually rather like Lichbane on him as a 3-4th item. His "combo" is pretty poor, all told. Grenades are hard to land reliably, and the missiles alone dont do nearly enough to bring down all but the absolute squishiest of characters, so giving him an extra AP coefficient is good.

Heimer is still in a really bad place, but best of luck to you if you enjoy him. : )