Vocal System Idea (CC: Summoner's Rift Maps and Modes)

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LoL, as fast paced as it is, makes it difficult to just type every command to your comrades.

I wish to instate a vocal system idea.

Available in options. vocal system allows users to speak to team mates for plans and such.
under sound, the option will be off by default, but allowed to be turned on.

Sounds incoming to you will be on by default, but can be turned off by right clicking a team mate using their box icons to the left and selecting "mute"

this is just how I see it. It would not matter to me exactly how this system is implemented, however it is quite tedious to try to formulate a plan with typing. especially when you are about to get ganked. you can't stop and be like, "HELP! Come from behind *enemy* so we can turn this into a counter". We are forced to turn tail.

what are your thoughts on a vocal chat system? Please engage this thread if this sounds like a feasible idea. the more active an idea, the better the chances of stimulation.

thank you for your time, and I'll see you on the battlefield