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Evil Magician Veigar

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Junior Member


firstly, this isn't my work, plus I just made up the title. the original title is "small evil empire's veigar".
I just wanted to show this cool artwork.

the original is from korean website http://lol.inven.co.kr/, username 쀼잉쀼잉쀼잉.

well, some of you would know that "drakedog". that's the motif.
I think the lore of veigar and the characteristic of drakedog that those koreans built up are quite a match.

btw, if this comes out as veigar's new skin, I'm pretty sure that all the korean LoL players gonna buy it no matter the cost. really.

anyway, again this isn't my artwork, and I'm just advertising this artwork.

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Those are World of Warcraft items. Specifically, I think that is supposed to be the yordle version of the undead warlock Drakedogg, who was a fameous streamer and wore a red mask as his trademark