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Different item instead of wrigglers or Madreds

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Ok, I know as well as many do. That jungling isn't easy for everyone, and some tend to have a tougher time jungleing then many. My main issue with it (even though I practically main it now). Is that there are no items similar to wrigglers. I understand its viable and madreds is too. But my issue is there are no tanking versions. It is all Dps damage type of ones.

I'd love to see something with the same passive of wrigglers
-Unique: On hit, 20% chance for target minion/monster to suffer 425 magic damage.

That is a great passive for junglers, yes most junglers are damage dealers. But what about champs like Nautilus, Cho'gath, Alistar, Sejuani? I use these alot and tend to notice wrigglers is no go for them. It is pointless for them, so why not a tank version?
Maybe something with same passive, but deals with more of an armor health basic items?

Cloth armor, ruby crystal, regrowth pendant, null magic mantle.

Something considering those items maybe, that each of like 2 smaller items that 2 of those go into to build them into a main item.
- +x Magic resistance
- +x armor
- +x% health regeneration
- +x% health
-Unique: On hit, 20% chance for target minion/monster to suffer 425 magic damage.

I figure it does take alot to put something like this into a game. But if it was, it would work out great. I know I enjoy being able to get that faster jungle route, just like everyone else. So this item would help out alot.

Well that is what I am proposing. Tell me what you guys think.