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Yes or No? :3

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Champions and Items(Builds)

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[ Subject: Champions and Items(Builds) ]

I think there should be something that can be seen when you open a champion that says "Make a Build" and when you press that button, it should lead you to two choices; Dominion, Classic, (Optional) Classic 3v3. The optional means that if you didn't want to make a separate build for Classic 3v3, it'll ask you a question that says "Would you like to make your 3v3 Build the same as your 5v5 or stay recommended?" when you finish picking a build you would like. In battle, the store would have a bar with 6 boxes (similar to the Recommended Items list) and the store underneath (If you made a build), then you can drag items or press a button that says "Add to Build" if you wanted it in you build. . I don't know if anyone else thought of this idea, but I think this might help a lot for the people that didn't want to use the Riot's Recommended Build. You might see this post on the Champions forums also, because I wasn't sure if this would really belong to Items or Champions... I hope this happens in the future, but I'm alright with just writing my builds in a piece of paper, it's just that it'd be easier if we had this choice in the game. Thank you for your patience and reading this! ^_^ ( No negative comments PLEASE >.> )