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New Wards

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Junior Member


I've seen some talk regarding new/more support items and one of the things I haven't heard about are potentially new wards. A friend and I thought of a bunch of different possible wards that we'd love to see. Some are neat and some are ridiculous but I like the idea of different ward styles.

Directional Ward - put it down and aim it and it reveals a cone in a certain direction.

Lighthouse Ward - It has a directional cone that spins.

Reach Ward - You can place it much further away but it has a smaller duration or radius.

Pulsing Ward - Larger area of visibility but it is on for a few seconds and then off for a few.

Mobile Ward - A ward with a set path that it follows.

Indestructible Ward - A ward that is indestructible for it's duration but can be seen by everyone and only reveals the fog of war to your team.

Community Ward - A ward that is cheap but reveals the fog of war to everyone.

Alert Ward - A ward that doesn't reveal the fog of war but pings for your team when someone is in it's radius.

Activation Ward - A ward that you place but stays in your inventory and when someone enters the radius you can activate it once for a stun or slow or damage then it burns out.

Beaver Ward - It gives fatherly advice whenever you enter the area.

Those are just some thoughts on wards and I haven't considered too heavily on gold cost or duration or radius that these should/could/would have. Am I crazy or would this make playing a support role a lot more interesting? Are there any other ward ideas?

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The Blue Jelly

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I like the Alert ward, and find the Beav one hilarious....

The rest are kinda meh tbh XD

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Like the idea of a moble ward. Place one and have an area patrolled but might be broken if the patrol radius is to large.