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How about an item upgraded from Haunting Guise?

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Haunting Guise seems to be the Brutalizer for AP's, but Brutalizer can be turned into Ghostblade, while Haunting Guise kind of just sits there and is sold after lategame for other better items

I propose:

Haunting Guise + Kage's Lucky Pick + (600g Recipe Cost) = 2850g total cost

New Item
+60 AP
+250 Health
+25 Magic Penetration

ACTIVE: Gain 20 additional Magic Penetration for 4 seconds. Gain 1 second extra duration each time you do spell damage, up to a maximum of 7 seconds. (90 second cooldown)


The new item will give 10 more AP than the combined base AP of Guise + Kage's, 50 more Health, and 5 more base magic penetration. This is in line with what Ghostblade provides in addition to the base stats of Brutalizer + Avarice Blade. The recipe cost is the same as Ghostblade, and the total cost of the new item is also nearly the same as Ghostblade (Ghostblade is 163g cheaper)

Since Haunting Guise is usually taken on AP champions that don't necessarily have high AP ratios, but have low cooldown spammable spells, the active effect synergizes well with these kinds of champions. The active allows these kinds of champions to get the max duration as well as gain that extra burst of spellpen that their build requires. A good example would be Cassiopeia.

This item's active effect cooldown is 30 seconds LONGER than Ghostblade because the active is a bit more powerful than Ghostblade in terms of damage increase (though of course it lacks the utility of the movement speed sprint that Ghostblade provides. This is especially true when we consider that Ghostblade is usually taken by AD Casters, who do not really -fully- benefit from the burst of attack speed. On the other hand, spammy AP champions (without high AP ratios) like Cassiopeia and Katarina, would benefit a lot from the active. These are the reasons why the active should be 90 second cooldown rather than 60 seconds like the Ghostblade.

This item would be a great addition to the game because on the certain champions that benefits more from stacking MRpen, rather than hard-stacking AP with early Deathcap, I still do eventually run out of viable AP items to buy for my role -- and eventually buy a Deathcap. My hope is that this item will further marginalize the "need" for Deathcap on champions like Cassiopeia, Katarina, Rumble, and anyone else who does not buy Deathcap until very very late.

These champions also tend to have a lot of AoE, so using the activation effect of the item during your AoE damage is quite nice.