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Call of the Hunter and the Huntress. (Nidalee and Rengar fanfic)

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Chapter 11: The Nameless One! (I couldn't think of a name for it. lol!)

The sound of gnarling and chewing did not go unnoticed throughout the woods. Another prey had been found and was quickly cut down before it would even let out a cry. The killer had even looked into the chilling, pained eyes of its victim, mocking it, as the light left its eyes. It was only meat now. Tasty, tasty meat.

A sound drew the killer's attention! Several sounds, actually. The odd thing was that some were big while others were small. All it knew for sure was that there were a lot of things approaching.

Best not to stay.

With that thought in mind, the killer dropped his meal, silently regretting having to leave such a treat, and jumped into the trees. Wings sprouted from the killer's back, granting short distance flight from the low branches to the higher ones.

Once at the tops of the trees, it was just a matter of staying above them and fleeing. Despite the ability to jump and glide much further than most could, it still heard the footsteps of somethings approaching. This time, the sounds were closer.

Suddenly, something caught him. A quick slash freed him, but it was captured again. When it swung to free itself, its arm was caught. Soon, it was pulled down into the trees.

As it crashed into the branches, falling through several, many legged creatures attacked. They climbed onto its body, biting and crawling over it. Try as it might, there was no escape.

Within seconds, its body became heavy, unable to struggle or lift its arms. By the time it reached the ground, or what it assumed was the ground, it could not move at all.

"Seems I've caught a fly in my web. How delightful." A voice called out from the darkness. Delicate, soft fingers gripped its chin, then turned its eyes to see who the voice belonged to. "I have a proposal for you. Are you willing to listen?" The female asked.

Upside down, it saw the pale skin and dark and red clothing that adored the female who gently gripped its chin. She lay on a giant spider's web, her chest on the web with her cleavage visible in its strangely clear vision. Her back, spider-like legs on it that clung to the web for balance, was at a 45 degree angle from her feet, bending at her hips, and ending at her head. Her smile, small pointed teeth poking out, gave it a mix of fear and awe when paired with her red eyes.

Slowly, it nodded its head. What choice was there? It was captured, a strange venom coursing through its veins, and was stuck to a large, sticky web.

"Good. Now, you know Rengar?" She asked.

At the mere mention of the name, the killer turned fierce, struggling with renowned strength to escape its bindings. Yet, there was no escape. Although it did manage to break several strands of the web, small spider-lings began rebuilding it.

The female brought her face close to its face, cupping both her hands around its chin and mouth. Without a sound, she moved around in a clockwise fashion, never breaking eye contact until her body was over its. She had complete control over where it looked now, and could make adjustments.

Her chest heaved with her breath. She sat over it, no fear at all in her eyes. And that smile...

"I am having a little trouble with your rival. If you will indulge me, and help me, I can help you get him all alone." She said, beginning the bargain.

It hissed at her, a threat and promise of revenge. She answered with that smile, then planted a kiss upon its cheek. There was something about that kiss, something intoxicating, that made the hissing stop.

After a few seconds, it spoke. "I will... listen." It said. It could feel some of the spiders crawling over its wrists, arms, and claws, leaving slimy, sticky residue as they moved.

Again, the woman smiled, and kissed its other cheek. Another wave of intoxication flooded its mind. "Good. I am well pleased you are willing to listen. Now, your prey is working with another, one called Nidalee." She began, then stopped to watch it. Its head drooped to the sides, which was corrected by the woman's hands to the sides of its head. "Perhaps my anesthetic is too powerful. Anyway, I know you can still hear and comprehend my words. What do you say we work together? I care not if you kill them, but they have become a threat to me." She added.

It was silent and unmoving. She let go of its head, removing herself from its body and sat up on her knees. Through droopy eyes, it could see her frown fade.

There was a thunk, like an axe cleaving into meat, then drops of water. Only it was not water. The woman's breathing increased! Shock filled her eyes!

It swiftly rose, pushing her onto her back. The sticky webbing hindered its movement, but not as much to matter. It was strong, strong enough to break the strands. As it raised its other arm, preparing to take her head, fangs sank into its flesh.

It produced a hissing cry of pain and angry.

It turned its head to see a large spider, as big as itself, clamping down on its wrist. Another large spider gripped it with its front four legs, pulling it away from the woman. It tried to fight, to regain its prey, then felt the fangs of the second dig into its other wrist. Seconds later, the smaller spiders were back, in greater numbers, and began binding it in sticky webs.

As the woman rose from her back, her right hand on the web for support and her left over the wound between her stomach and chest, she looked at him with one eye, the other closed in pain. It hadn't been trying to kill her with the first strike, a mistake, and aimed for an area near her spine, not internal organs, and stabbed at her to pin her down. Now, with the two inch tall, half inch long wound in her chest, from front to back and bleeding from both openings, it could see fear in her eye.

"Do not take me for a fool, spider! I am not your slave nor will I do your bidding!" It hissed, its scythe-like claws slowly but surely cutting through the webs.

Elise, her breathing returning to normal, was beginning to think she had bitten off more than she could chew with this. "Kha'Zix, I would never think of enslaving you. I only wish to offer you the chance to to be rid of your rival and to warn you that he is working with Nidalee." She said, blood beginning to drip from between her fingers. "I did not intend to take your life, only ask you aid. If you do not stop, however, I will cease the kindness I have shown you and make my own demands." She said, a heated glare in her eyes.

With a flick of her wrist, she dismissed her spiders. All of them backed away from Kha'Zix, even the large ones that held his wrists. She straightened, standing tall, proud, and determined, with her hands to her sides. He could see right through the hole in her body to what lay behind her, yet she no longer covered it. "Settle down and give me an answer, or I will make you help me, against your will, and dispose of you later!" She threatened.

Finally, he stopped struggling and thrashing. The both of them stood and looked at one another. Green blood ran down Kha'Zix's wrists, claws, and dripped onto the ground. Blood ran down her chest and clothes to disappear under them. If she was in pain, she did a good job of not showing it.

"What is it you want?" Kha'Zix finally asked.

Finally getting somewhere, Elise's smile returned, though it appeared angry. "Nidalee has been killing my children, and now she's convinced Rengar-" He hissed and snapped at the name. She waited a moment, then continued. "She's convinced him to help her drive out or kill all of my children here." She finished.

There was something strange about what she said, he thought. "You bring children into a den of lions and THINK they won't die?" He said. The large spiders moved closer to him, ready to grab him again.

Elise's glare made them back away. When her turned back to him, he could see pain in her eyes. "The Shadow Isles are a long way from here. I wanted to find out if they could live here as well as there." She said.

"And...?" He asked.

"The weather is deadly, the Kumungu Jungle is the only place they can live, but the wildlife and plant-life are unpredictable, and Summoners refuse to give me a larger territory. My darlings can not live underground, nor can they live above it. How Nidalee survives here is a wonder." She explained. It was a long moment before she spoke again, her breathing had become irregular and her knees shook slightly.

Grunting with displeasure, Kha'Zix could take it no longer. "Sit down before you kill yourself! Dress the wound if needed!" He said angrily.

Grateful, she did so, sitting on the ground and calling over one of her spiders from above. It descended, landing on her shoulder, before crawling down to her chest. It worked at the wound, sealing it with a patch of web. Now and again, it bit down at the exposed nerves, her face would twist in pain. When it finished, both her front and back, where his claw had passed through, were patched up with silken bandages.

"I want to get my children back to the Shadow Isles, but I also want revenge for her killing so many." Her smile grew dark. "Either I want some of her family killed, or I want her humiliated. The problem is her partner." She added.

The hunter from the Void mumbled and grumbled over her offer. Her reasons, he did not care for, but revenge... that was worth his time. Plus, he did get another fight against his rival, and without interference. "You have an ally. What is the plan?" He asked, licking his lips.

"How much further!?" Asked a surprisingly frightened voice.

"About thirty seconds, then we'll be on more land." Answered a calm, if not giggling voice.

A third grunted. "You said you were not afraid of heights. Why the sudden change, Rengar?" The female voice of Nidalee asked.

Clinging to the rock platform that floated, much like a child would hug his favorite doll or parent's leg when frightened, Rengar's fearless-hunter persona was replaced with one of pure terror. "When you said heights, I assumed low falls, like two or three stories. Not plummeting drops!" He responded. His eye was closed, but both females could see he was trying to control his breathing.

Syndra, their guide and only one keeping them floating on their own platforms, couldn't but giggle at the scared puppy before her. "Aren't you both of a feline species?" She asked.

Nidalee, coming to her friend's defense, shook her head. "Rengar is closer to that of canines, but with some feline mixed in. I suppose the best way to think of it is if a wolf, a lion, and a human were fused together. He's proud and noble, stalks and hunts, and walks on two legs with the intelligence to trap and learn." She said, then pointed to herself. "I was raised by felines, cougars, and learned to become one of them. If I were to fall from this height, I would be hurt, perhaps fatally so, but it would not be an instant death." She added.

The sorceress nodded her understanding before returning her attention to their destination: her home.

After a few more seconds, they arrived. Rengar, carefully, stepped onto the larger, safer, in his mind, structure while Nidalee followed Syndra on down the short hall. "Leave your things by the door, please. We are friends here. Xerath will already be inside waiting." Syndra called out as Nidalee leaned her spear and traps against the wall. Reluctantly, Rengar did as well before catching up with the other two. He kept one of his knives, for his own personal habit.

Earlier, before they even started, all three had seen the magus take off, turning himself into a bolt of pure magic with rocky ornaments surrounding it. He had shot himself straight to the floating, arriving long before they. What took them ten minutes, took him only five seconds. Syndra, even after all the time the two guessed she had spent with the former human mage, had watched with more interest than the two of them.

The three of them came to the center of the structure, where they were met with a sight most would think bizarre. At the center of the room, Xerath, in his Locus of Power stance, channeled concentrated energies directly at the rune from earlier. Mystic lightning, a mix of blue and white, crackled and struck the room. Nothing was damaged, but the air was hot and there were shock waves with each strike.

Syndra moved forward, as though not noticing the lightning. A few bolts struck her body, only to bounce off in a much small state, while others hit her clothes, the same reaction taking place. She spoke to Xerath, but they could not hear what she said.

Like a passing storm, the lightning began to fade as its source reverted back to its original state. Xerath reached forward, picking up the rune, and held it in his hand. The sound that was his voice began, but neither of them could hear over the dull thumps in their ears. While the display had been harmless, it was not quiet.

Finally, the two finished their conversation as Nidalee and Rengar regained their abilities to hear. "What was that about? And what is that rock?" Rengar asked the approaching figures.

"None of your concern, but it has won you a favor. What is the problem?" Xerath asked, wanting to get right to the point. It seemed he was eager to start another experiment and wanted the two of them out of the way so he did not have to hold back.

Nidalee spoke. "Elise has been trying to kill me, and now I find she has been breeding giant spiders in the Kumungu Jungle. They are bred with magic to grow to such sizes." She explained.

Syndra let out a soft hearted chuckled. "Magic spiders? That is amusing." She giggled. Her tone and stature turned serious as she glanced to Xerath a moment, his expression seemed never to change, but she stopped laughing. "Can you be a little more specific?" She asked.

"One breed has an armored exoskeleton, and the other is smaller with deadly venom. It's almost as if Vilemaw is a combination of these two breeds." Nidalee explained.

Xerath, floating to the side, moved past them to one of the shelves. "Vilemaw, as I've seen it, has no trace of magic, yet it is a giant spider from the cursed Shadow Isles. Based on the rest of its inhabitants that we know of, Yorick, Evelynn, Hecarim, we know there are the walking dead, the life draining creatures, and generals of specters. Given these, I have theorized that the spiders Elise, another from the Isles, tends are touched with undeath." He pulled a book from the shelf, opened, and flipped through the pages. After a few moments of reading, he put it back and turned to the group. "The dead cannot live among the living. Just wait for them to leave or die." He said.

Both Rengar and Nidalee stared at him, as though asking him to explain further. "The Kumungu Jungle is like a body, the spiders bacteria. You, Nidalee, are a single cell within it, but not a white blood cell. "Jungle" refers to the plants. They will fight off the bacteria, and you and the other cells will breakdown what remains." He explained, then returned to the group.

"I've defended the jungle before." Nidalee stated.

"Against viruses. That, is the type of cell you are." He countered.

Syndra, a smile gracing her features, gestured for them to follow as she led them out of the room. "Thank you for your help. I will see to their needs... Teacher." She said, looking to Xerath when she spoke the last part. She had a sincerely pleasant smile on her face. The magus tilted his head in response, then assumed his stance once more.

When they were out of the room, and the door was closed, lightning began to thunder once more. "Teacher?" Rengar asked, curious.

Syndra did not turn her head as she answered. "Yes. He has been teaching me to "control my powers" as we put it. The Summoners actually ordered it. If you do not believe me, just ask them." She said. Something about the way she said "control" made it sound more like "increase".

Neither of them responded, so she went on. "I won't give any details, but enough about my personal life. I am your hostess, should the two of you wish to stay, and should be more... hostess-y." She added.

Nidalee looked to Rengar, who seemed more interested in the expansive hallway they traveled through, before speaking. "You needn't worry about that. I am sure we will not be here much longer." She said.

"Actually, I would rather not ride that floating rock again. Is it possible for you to land this castle?" Rengar asked. Ever since they had arrived, he had looked pale. The less time they spent here, knowing they were hundreds of feet off the ground, the better. However, this was more preferable than riding smaller rocks.

Syndra turned to lead them down another hallway. "I can, but not tonight. In the morning, when I am able to see what is below, I will. Weaklings find it terrifying when I land on top of something that is theirs. Barns, homes, family. You wouldn't believe the complaints." She said, having to remind herself not to go on further. "If you two are hungry." She began, a dark sphere forming in her hands. "Use this to find your way to the kitchen. Merely say the name of the room, and it will lead you. It will not, however, lead you to either mine nor Xerath's, among other, rooms. You two will be using guest rooms." She said, stopping at a dead end.

Looking, there were two rooms to each side. "Enjoy your stay. I will be helping Xerath in the laboratory, where we just were." She said, then turned to leave. Having a second thought, she stopped and turned back to them, a wicked smile spreading across her face. "Oh, and do not remove anything. Believe it or not, but this place is very unstable. Inklets of my power may... spill out. At best, it will leave you paralyzed. At worst, it will kill you in an instant." She warned, then disappeared.

Nidalee and Rengar, left alone once more, really alone as there was no way for one of the stealth champions to find them, the two looked at each other, then looked away, each scratching a cheek.

"I'll take the left-" Both began to say, but stopped when they heard the other's echo. Silence began until Nidalee, shrugged. "We can take a room each." She said. When he nodded, they started into a room each.

Once inside, Nidalee slouched with her back to the door, taking a deep breath. "Why didn't you say anything? We could have finished what we started..." Her words trailed off. Was she really interested in Rengar in that sense...?

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Chapter 12 is on Fanfiction.net due to it having mature content.


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I did not notice until I was reminded, but I did edit the last chapters of this and, surprising to me, they are alright for this site. Enjoy.

Chapter 13: Home Unwelcoming

While the previous night had been relaxing and, well, began a more internal struggle than anything, it had been comforting. Throughout the night, Nidalee's mind had been racing with thoughts of the future. Her problem with Elise would soon be dealt with, or she hoped it would anyway. All that was left to do was return to her normal life within the Kumungu Jungle of keeping loggers and treasure hunters away, fulfill her promise to Trundle (even if his aid was no longer needed), and separate all ties from the other champions of the League once more.

But, she did not want to lose those ties... especially with a certain trophy hunter.

Their sleep was interrupted by the steady crackle of... something. It was magical, that was for sure, but what could it be?

Then, Syndra's voice was added to the unyielding crackle. "Nidalee! Rengar! There's some instability in that wing of the temple. If the two of you could, get out of there... quickly, please." The sorceress's voice called out.

Both Nidalee and Rengar, still mostly asleep, rose. It took a moment for their hostess's command to register, but then they both began to leave, grabbing their clothes and quickly dressing as they bolted out of the room.

As she became more wake, Nidalee noticed the room almost shimmering with sparks of blue, black, and purple dancing in the air. She didn't know what was going on, but it was something unnatural and unexpected. Even the two wise and powerful residents of the temple didn't know what was happening, or she assumed as they were told to leave.

A glance at Rengar told her he was merely concerned with getting himself and her out of the wing. His hand on her bare back (the part uncovered by her clothing) told her he wanted her to move quickly.

She just managed to get her top and loincloth on and comfortable when they reached the end of the wing. She looked behind herself to see Rengar only wore his battle loincloth, his chest harness and other armor pieces no doubt left behind in their urgent get away.

"Oh good, you both made it." Came Syndra's voice once more.

Turning, they both saw it was one of her orbs, acting as a speaker for her. "Xerath and I are in the laboratory. That rune from the other day was exactly what we thought it was, but now it is taking its toll on my home." There was a pause, adding unwelcome silence to the already tense situation. "You two will want to leave. Soon. Head to the entrance and then jump. We about a hundred feet from the ground, and over the jungle. We are still descending, however." She added.

"I hate that *****." Rengar muttered, clearly annoyed.

Nidalee smiled. "Unfortunately, it's not her who's causing the trouble." She said, then began to lead the way, running down the hall. She looked back over her shoulder only once to make sure he was following. He was right behind her, no more than a foot or two.

It only took a minute for them to reach the entrance, she almost ran off the edge, but Rengar's hand on her shoulder stopped her abruptly. She could have jumped and been fine, mostly, but she stopped anyway.

The pridestalker appeared serious, rather than panicked as he was before with the high altitude. "I'll get our things, you go ahead. I'll jump into that water." He said.

She nodded, then waited. When he let go of her, she surveyed the land for a moment, then jumped.

The ground came to her quickly, the floating, stone temple she had jumped from having gone very slowly. As she fell, Nidalee's eyes were mostly closed as she fell, trying to keep them from drying out completely but failing to do so.

Finally, she took a deep breath, put her arms in front of her face, and waited. She felt the branches of trees cringe and bend, one breaking, as she fell. Seconds later, she tapped into the feral magic within her, taking on her cougar form.

In her feline form, she instinctively sensed the ground closing in on her. At the last few moments, she spun forward, her hind legs hitting the ground, then redirected her terminal velocity as best she could to roll.

Pain shot though her legs, and then her back when she felt herself smack into something hard. She roared out in pain, curling into a ball. As the pain faded, her racing heart rate began to slow.

After several seconds, Nidalee began to return to her human form. "Arg! One hundred feet my ass!" She exclaimed. Her nose, still sensitive from her transformation, caught the sent of blood, her blood. She slowly turned her head and found she had hit her back against a tree, a small amount of blood on it.

She laid there on her side, carefully conjuring her healing magic to mend her bleeding back and sprained legs. It had been a rough landing, nearly breaking her legs, and her back was not bleeding that bad but it did hurt quite a bit.

As she rose, Nidalee cringed at the pain still lingering in her legs. Sealing flesh wounds were easy, mending bones was quite another. "I have to find Rengar." She said.

As though in answer, she hears a splash. It was faint, but close enough for her to follow it. Using the trees for support, she began to make her way to the body of water, following only the direction the splash had come from.

After grabbing their things, Rengar jumped, aiming for what he hoped was a deepish lake. He'd have to get a new harness later, or ask Syndra and Xerath for his things when he met them again. Nidalee's spear, however, would be the most troublesome to carry through the fall. He had put his knives into their sheaths on his belt, her traps he hooked behind himself on the belt, and could only hold hold the spear in his hands before jumping.

As he fell toward the water's surface, a thought occurred to him: What if those two mages had lied and only wanted them out of their way. Well, it was too late now, yet that did nothing to make him feel any better.

His thoughts were suddenly taken away from the possible trick when he was suddenly immersed in water. It was a fairly painful shock, but that was only due to the fall. Thankfully, the lake was deep enough, and he was able resurfaced quickly, gasping for breath.

Swimming to the shore, Rengar used Nidalee's spear to help himself up before shaking the cold water off his fur. His fur puffed out slightly, which he corrected by smoothing out his fur.

He looked up to see the stone temple begin to float away, its descent slowing to a pause before it began to ascend. He could make out some sparks coming out of where he was before he and Nidalee jumped. "Crazy mages." He muttered, then turned to the jungle.

Taking a few sniffs of the air, Rengar chose to wait where he was rather than tread through the jungle looking for his companion. Subconsciously, he hoped she did not hurt herself jumping out of the place. Though he did not know if she shared the same feelings he had for her. She was a remarkable creature, almost too good to even be considered a trophy, yet, here he was, rethinking hunting her.

A trophy wife. That was what she had promised him for his help. She had fulfilled her promise of showing him what it meant, but now he did not want her to keep that first promise. A mobile trophy just was not the same as what he was use to. Also, he did not want to own a person or animal.

After a little while, Rengar caught Nidalee's scent, then heard her grunts through the jungle vegetation, and, finally, saw her. "Good to see you alive." He said. He then noticed her irregular walking. "Did you hurt herself?" He asked.

Nidalee, holding onto a tree, stopped her advance. "Just two sprains, nothing serious." She said.

He did not believe her. "Sit down and we will wait for you to recover." He said.

She was about to argue, but then he walked toward her, lifted her up, despite her weak struggle, and planted her at the shore of the lake. The cool water felt good on her feet, the pain fading in the clear waters. She couldn't help but purr at the feeling.

As she leaned forward to undo the laces of her boots, Rengar began to speak and she heard things being placed down behind her. "I suppose this is farewell. You're problem's solved, and I am sure there is nothing else I could do." He said, keeping his voice steady so as to not reveal anything.

Nidalee nodded before speaking, her voice distant. "Yeah." Was all she said. Then, a thought came to her as she set her second boot down. She smiled and leaned backward, turning her head to him. "Actually, you could help me clear out the last of Elise's spiders." She said.

Rengar scratched the bottom of his mane in thought. "Didn't the League say you could not interfere with what she was doing?" He asked, peeking at her with his good eye.

Nidalee's smile grew, turning mischievous. "That is where you come in. I can not kill them, but they said nothing about helping you kill them." She said.

He smiled, catching onto what she was getting at. He took out one of his knives, looking over its blade, before bringing the index finger of his other hand to its point. "That's cheating, you know?" He asked.

Her response was an innocent smile.

"When do we start?" He asked, sliding the blade home. "I'll admit, I am looking forward to this." He added.

She turned her head back to a comfortable position, then began to kick the water with her feet. "As soon as I am recovered, since it seems to bother you so much." She said, a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

It was about half an hour later when she could trust her legs to not hurt. There was a little of numb pain, but they were not nearly as sore as before. Gathering up her spear and traps, Nidalee turned to Rengar, smiling at him in a private, friendly way. "Ready?" She asked.

The hunter rose from the rock he had been sitting on, watching the jungle as though he expected something to come out and attack them, and nodded. "Yes. Let's get this over with before nightfall. Better to hunt in the daylight than by shades of moonlight." He said.

She nodded her agreement before starting toward the area she remember the spiders were. It was a memory that would haunt her for several more days, maybe even weeks, to come. She wouldn't forget where those demon insects were dwelling.

Along the way, Nidalee wondered if she and Rengar would run into Trundle and his trolls. She would have to inform them that they had come all this way for nothing, but she was reasonably sure they would not be upset.

Unfortunately, they did find the trolls... or what was left of them.

In what should have been a semi-clear path, there were the groaning, regenerating bodies of trolls. Among them, Trundle, his rotting and recovering body mending his wounds. Unlike the others, he did not appear to be bothered, but remained watchful in case of other threats. His serious expression did not change when he saw the huntress and hunter approach.

"On your guard, both of you. That *****, Elise, and her spiders are moving. Also..." He began to inform, then his gaze went to one of his comrades. The troll was missing an arm. "She has help." He added.

Nidalee's eyes wondered over the scene. Trolls, their weapons at the ready near them, focused on recovering from their, what would be to others, serious wounds. Even the one missing his arm showed signs of recovery, the stump growing back slowly but surely.

She took note of the green liquid around their wounds. It was being pushed out of their bodies, the alien venom being forced out by their natural healing and regeneration abilities. They had run into Elise, and she was not shy of using her and her spiders' venom. The spider queen had probably left them after the battle, thinking they would die sooner rather than later.

She took a deep breath before speaking. "Where are they? And how long ago were you attacked?" She asked.

Trundle looked between the two of them. Finally, he paused on Rengar. "Will you be alright without armor?" He asked.

The hunter appeared to have been insulted. "I have my knives. That is all I need to kill these insects!" He stated.

The troll nodded once in response, but looked back at Nidalee. "We imminently started to where your cougar family was, thinking that was where we should meet you. We were ambushed just an hour ago, and have been recovering for the last thirty minutes." He paused, and then smiled. "We got quite a few of them before she finally wised up and withdrew. I think they are heading to your family. They could have backed out and circled around, getting behind us." He said.

Her grip on her spear tightened at this news. Without a word, she began to run with the need to defend her family.

"Nidalee! Wait! We need a plan!" Rengar yelled out.

His cry was a distant call. She was already lost in her desire, her need, to defend those she loved and owed her life to. She was not even aware of herself changing into her cougar form, her speed increasing as she ran and jumped toward her destination.

Minutes later, Nidalee returned to her human form, panting as her eyes searched for something out of the ordinary. Around her, however, nothing had changed. Her family of cougars laid about on branches of trees or in the grass on the ground. Some were sleeping, others eating. Some were bathing themselves, others tending to the cups. A few watched her with curious eyes, wondering what she was doing.

One of them rose and moved toward her. She knelt down, placing her free hand on its head. She then closed her eyes and attempted to steady her breathing. "Has a woman been through here? She would have eight legs, four on her back, and be accompanied by large spiders." She whispered.

The animal "spoke" to her, answering her question.

Her eyes went wide, then slowly turned upward. "Stay here, and tell the others to do so as well. She's dangerous." She said.

Rising, she watched the tree tops, trying to see what she could not, but knew was there. It didn't make any sense to her as to why Elise would go through the trouble of getting her only to watch from above. There was movement up there, that much she could tell, but did not know how many were up there.

Nidalee made sure her traps were ready to be set up as soon as she needed them, put her spear into its holder on her back, and then began to climb the tallest tree. She had climbed this same tree in the past, for fun and to watch the sun set or rise, but now there was no fun to be had. Above her, watching from the cover of the leaves, was a dangerous invader. Possibly more.

When Rengar finally caught up with her, she was already climbing to the trees. His attention was diverted toward the sound of warning growls, followed by the sounds all around of movement. He was surrounded by a large number of cougars, which he did not realize in his haste to catch up to Nidalee.

He turned his head to where Nidalee was climbing, then looked back to the dark, sharp-fanged, and clawed creatures. "I'm with her..." He said, gesturing to Nidalee. That seemed to calm most of them, but the closest ones to him remained watchful. Clearly this was her feline family that had raised her since her parents died, but that did not mean they would trust him. He did not blame them, he was another trespasser in this jungle. At least they were not attacking him.

Rengar looked back up where Nidalee was climbing. It would be difficult to follow her up that way. Then he thought it would be best if he stayed where he was, just in case she needed help or her family was attacked while she was taking care of... whatever was up there that had sent her charging upward. His mind, however, went back to the wound on that one troll. Though it had already began healing, he recognized it.

A sharp, alien hiss caught his attention, along with that of the cougars. There was no mistaking who it belonged to.

With a fluid, practiced motion, he brought his knives into the palms of his hands before tightening his grip around their handles. "It's been awhile... Voidreaver." He said, causally turning to the direction of the hissing. It was not a warning call, but a challenge, backed with a threat. If he did not fight, alone, then this would turn into a battle field.

"At least I have another chance to fill that spot on my wall." He thought, a fanged smile curling onto his lips. And here he had thought everything was over. Hopefully, Nidalee would not need his help, and these insects would fight with some honor.

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Chapter 14: Rumble in the Jungle

After several minutes, Nidalee finally reached the large, scaffolding-like branches of the tallest trees. It was nice to be able to hide from poachers, assuming they were lucky or stupid enough to enter her jungle, and surprise them with the aid of her family, but it was more so handy for merely resting closer to the sun's rays.

Elise must have felt more like a spider up here, no doubt either building or sitting in a web somewhere.

Suddenly, Nidalee paused. She felt someone watching her. A moment later, she heard the sounds of careful movement. Looking around, she noticed small spiders, the ones Elise normally had with her when fighting in the Fields of Justice, skittering across the webbing of a large web.

The web was like any other spider's web, only larger. It had apparently been finished since the previous day, as dew from the morning was just evident as there was water along the strands. The spiderlings busied themselves by maintaining the web and catching the insects caught within them. While the web was full of activity, it was the center that caught her attention. She let out low, threatening growl as she glared at the one nestled in the center of the web..

"Welcome to my parlor." Was the silky, pleasant voice of Elise, a smile only adding to her beauty. That same smile only made Nidalee's anger rise. "Can I help you with anything? If not, then you could help me with something." She said, her smile never fading and her tone remaining pleasant.

Nidalee slung herself over to a sturdy branch, getting her footing and crouching as she drew her spear. "What are you doing here?" She growled behind clenched teeth.

Elise, her hands moving to the web behind her, pushed herself up and off of the white silk. Her feet touched down on the bark of the branch below her, her four spider legs flexing themselves a few times, and watched her foe. Her smile shrunk but did not vanish. "I came here to settle things before leaving. Most of my children have already returned to the Shadow Isles, save for my more resilient babies, and I intend to leave this forsaken jungle soon as well. First..." She said, then began walking along the branch. "I intend to extract revenge for my children you and your friends killed."

She suddenly stopped moving, completely faced Nidalee, and smiled maliciously. She half crouched, her back legs angling like pincers, and brought her hands together in front of herself, a silky, white threads appearing between her fingers to ball up between her hands. "I intend to do so from your hide or the hides of your precious cougars." She hissed.

Nidalee jumped to the left, onto a lower branch, to avoid the sticky projectile. Where she stood, and where the ball hit, a mass of webs burst out, nearly wrapping around the whole of the tree's trunk. Had it hit her, she'd be pinned to the tree.

The huntress threw her spear at the woman, stepping backwards so as to give her more room to evade a counterattack. She never took her eyes off Elise, and did not miss the way she dodged by sidestepping.

As her spear flew through the air, thin strings of thread snapped, it began to slow. It did not slow enough to halt in midair, but it did slow enough to recoil off the bark of the tree behind Elise. The shaft of the spear was caught by more of the thin webs, appearing to meet invisible obstacles, before it stopped completely.

The spider queen did not look back as she conjured another cocoon projectile.

The two women, their eyes locked with one another, were in a battle to the death.
The sounds of blades meeting blades, mixed with the snapping of twigs and crunching of leaves underfoot, echoed through the jungle. Grunts, groans, shouts, roars, and hisses were added to the sounds of battle surrounded the trophy hunter and the voidreaver.

Rengar, armed with his two knives, a few bolas, and his natural weapons, fought hard against his foe. Every time he swung, attacked with one of his knives, his blade was either blocked by a claw or dodged with swift movements. He could already feel small wounds over his body, the blood warming his skin and matting his fur. Armor would have been a great idea at this point, but he had left his behind and turned down the offer for another. Now, he wished he had that protection.

Kha'Zix, more adapt at fighting in forested areas with his ability to fly short distances and camouflage himself, felt his exoskeleton weakening more and more. Physically, he was weaker than his counterpart and enemy, but his advantage laid with his adaptability. His agility was what matched Rengar's strength, yet the terrain did not allow him to dodge as much as he would like.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" Rengar yelled, swinging a knife horizontally, deflecting a vertical claw swing. He grabbed Kha'Zix's arm and quickly brought his head forward, smacking his forehead against the voidreaver's. "Have you been seduced by that spider? Or do insects just work together!?" He demanded, taking a step back and readying himself to counter the next attack.

The voidreaver jumped back, his wings popping open as he took the air and climbed up and out of view. His voice sounded through the leafy canopy. "For you! I will devour you!" He said.

Suddenly, a rain of spikes began to rain down, piercing through the green leaves and wooden branches.

Rengar took cover behind a tree, moving away from it with his back to the tree before running up the side of another. At the height he could run, he bent forward and rammed his blade into the trunk, his feet resting on the side of the tree. He scanned his surroundings briefly, and then lunged for a strong-looking branch. He quickly spun himself onto it, curling his toes around the branch, and watched for movement.

He smiled. "Really? You sided with a deceitful cult leader, who sacrifices her own cultists, just to get me alone for a duel?" He asked. A bola came to his left hand, the right holding a knife and aiding to keep him steady on the branch, before he began spinning it. "You could have just asked and I'd have checked my schedule. I would have made room for this date." He said.

Movement caught his attention, and his bola caught something else. Moments later, he only just moved in time to avoid losing his right arm. While the attack was aided at his arm tendon, it only gave him a two inch long cut above his elbow.

Rengar brought his left knife toward Kha'Zix's jaw. The voidreaver stepped back, the blade half an inch from his face, and locked his left arm with the pridestalker's at their elbows. He let loose another barrage of exploding spikes, far too closer for his foe to dodge. Or so he thought.

Realizing what was happening, Rengar turned and pushed himself off the branch, taking Kha'Zix with him. He used his momentum to get behind the voidreaver and grip the back of his head with his right hand, also pushing the back of his knife into the back of the voidreaver's neck.

When they hit the ground, Rengar gave a mighty heave, pulling Kha'Zix's left arm behind him. There was a sickening crack, followed by the alien's pain ridden cry. Before he could bring his right arm up to remove the alien's head, a sudden set of razor sharp jaws snapped at him, forcing him back in shock.

Kha'Zix swiftly rose, his head turning back the 180 degrees it had turned to defend him and his neck reducing in length. His left arm hung limp to his side, his right arm moved in a defensive stance. His form began to vanish, his active camouflage taking effect.

Rengar tossed his knife up, caught it in his thumb and index finger, then brought his arm back before throwing the blade. The blade dug itself into Kha'Zix's left shoulder, causing the creature to cry out in pain once more. "Die or talk. I'll let you decide." He offered, readying his other knife. "Personally, I'd rather talk when my arm's broken and my killer can track by scent alone." He added.
A roar rang out as fangs and claws challenged mandibles and venom.

Nidalee, unable to retrieve her spear, had changed into her cougar form. She had thrown out several traps, which kept her enemy from moving around on the ground, but had no way to attack from range now.

Elise, while not unarmed, could not get a clear shot with her ranged spells and projectiles, leaving her only option to go into melee range. Though she had five of her spiderlings with her, more were already dead below from Nidalee's aggressive retreats. She now clung to the trees, the traps too much of a threat to risk getting close.

The two, one in cougar form and the other in spider form, had reached a stalemate and could do nothing but glare and growl or hiss at one another.

"Why don't we take this someplace more preferable for our melee? Maybe that gathering of cats not too far away?" Elise asked, skittering sideways across the branches as she peered below.

Nidalee roared, a warning and threat mixed in together in a deadly message, as she prowled along the ground. If this conflict led back to her family, it would be a sure win for her, but how many of her family would be injured or killed? She was not willing to risk that.

The large red and black spider paused, her children pausing with her. "Not going to answer? Then I'll take your silence as a yes." She said, her mandibles curling in a grin before she began moving again, quicker this time.

Panic rising, Nidalee returned to her human form, her eyes never leaving Elise, and began to fix a trap with her hands. Rather than opening it up to spring when someone stepped on it, she fixed it like a double bladed dagger, and then threw the improvised weapon at the fleeing spider. It hit the back of Elise's abdomen, the blades piercing the exoskeleton, but only just.

She turned at the penetration, her mandibles opening to reveal venom producing fangs. In rage, she lunged toward the human-form female, jumping over the possible trap location and forcing her prey to the ground as her fangs sought out the tender flesh of her enemy's neck.

A quick reaction was all that saved her life as Nidalee held Elise at bay with her hands. Her elbows were forced to the ground, leaving Elise closer to her than she would have liked. She could smell the poisonous liquid as it began to drip in more concentrated doses.

Elise did not relent as she pushed herself closer to Nidalee and snapped her fangs, causing some of her venom to drip off her fangs and onto her foe. Her spiderlings skittered around on the ground, avoiding the traps and finally crawling over Nidalee's legs, where they began to bind them with silken webs. It was a difficult task due to her constant leg movements.

She managed to get one leg under the large spider and, with a grunt and great effort, kicked the eight-legged arachnid away. She rolled over once to get the spiderlings off her, or try to anyway, and rose to her feet. Her legs were sticky from the silk webbing, which was not what she wanted. This even slowed her ability to move properly.

She was not allowed this rest for long as Elise quickly recovered and returned to her human form as well. Her hands were already together, threads of magic ready to be unleashed.

Suddenly, the world went white, her vision obscured by thread-like fabric. The last thing she saw was Elise channeling then throwing an orb of white spider silk. That must be what happened, she was hit by it and was trapped in a cocoon. That would explain why her arms and legs would not move.

Her eyes widened when she felt something sharp bite into her shoulder. She let out a yelp of pain, but, oddly, it did not last long. Her eyes grew heavy, all feeling leaving her. She tried in vain to keep herself awake, but, as soon as she closed her eyes, she fell into the darkness of sleep.

Nidalee was awoken by the feel of a soft hand caressing her cheek. It was not a comforting feeling. "Ah, waking up are we? I was beginning to think you wouldn't give us much of a show." Elise's voice said, a whisper in her ear. She was close, she could feel her warm breath on her.

Us? Does she mean her spiders? A whining growl answered her. "Wh- where are we?" She asked, surprised to find that her voice was hoarse and raspy. She tried to open her eyes, but when she did all she saw was a mesh of white threads. She did not trust her voice to ask what was going on, even if her mind was not in a haze from whatever Elise had bitten her with.

The hand moved down, stopping on her chin, and tilted her head back. "You should know very well where we are, but I'll give you a hint: Your silence was your answer." She said.

"What are you- ugh!" Nidalee began to saw, but was cut off when something began to force it's way into her mouth.

It was, of course, another spider, but this one did not have fangs, just a little mouth it used to make her pull her tongue away. It forced its front four legs into her mouth, along with its front half pushed past and into her mouth. With her lips, she could tell that its back abdomen was slightly smaller than its front, but both ends were about the same size.

"I wouldn't try tu bite that off if I were you. While adjusting to the League's rules of limitations during matches, the volatile spiderling is the only one I cannot complain about." Elise said, her hands, the second one cupping the other half of her face. She then felt the woman's lips on her forehead, the kiss sending her already hazy mind into a soothing spiral. Consciousness only just being able to retain. "If it is provoked, or I give the command, it will expel all of its contents into your body. Not in an explosion mind you, as that would be too easy, but the venom would kill you in a matter of minutes, maybe less." She finished.

Nidalee felt her head be released, causing it to bounce slightly. She did not dare to speak so long as the spiderling was in her mouth, but that was not difficult as she could barely think straight with the effects of the kiss and whatever else was swimming through her blood stream.

Slowly, the threads began to reside, granting her vision. "Now that you are awake, and everything's setup, there's no need for this blindfold." Elise spoke.

"She likes to talk." Nidalee thought. At least she was recovering a little thanks to her healing magic. That did not seem to get Elise's attention. If all the insect did was talk, then she would recover enough to think of something to rid herself of the spider in her mouth and then break out of her web bindings.

"Give them a good show now." She whispered into the huntress's ear.

When the blindfold was completely removed, the threads feeling like tape as they pulled against her skin and hair, Nidalee was met with the looks of her feline family members watching her from all around her. She could clearly hear and see the worry in their eyes, as well as fear, but also noticed the elevation.

She was hanging above the ground, her feet a few inches off the ground, and her arms were not at her sides, just a thin thread-like cocoon of spider silk. She forced her head up, seeing her arms bound above her with thicker ropes of silk. Elise's smiling face also greeted her, the smile growing as their eyes locked.

"Don't think this is it. My little darling, as comfortable as he is in your mouth, does not want to stay there all day, and I plan to make you suffer before he expels his venom." She said. Elise's eyes turned to the group of cougars before them, and then began to climb off of the thick web Nidalee hung from.

When her feet touched the ground, the whining growls turned furious, snarls and roars soundings as well. "How cute. They want to defend you." Elise said in a mocking tone.

Nidalee slowly shook her head, her vision clouded but not enough to keep her from making out the dark figures that were her family. She watched as the figures grew smaller, then saw the large, red and black figure of Elise turn to her. She couldn't make out the facial features, but hoped that smile was gone.

"That isn't part of my plan." Elise said.

The spider in her mouth began to move, a fifth leg entering her mouth and the spider going further inside. It bit at her tongue, refusing to let go of it. She felt tears gathering in her eyes, the bite force stronger than she would have guessed.

Elise's voice came to her ears again, sounding more cheerful than before. "That's better." She turned her back to the huntress. "Now then, which one should I start with?" She said, thinking aloud.

"Nidalee!" Came a familiar, and very reassuring, voice. Her head turned in time to see Rengar lunging from the bushes.

The hunter caught them both by surprise, going straight for Elise and grabbing her by the throat. The two of them crashed to the ground, Elise screaming in pain as her back legs were pushed painfully into her back. Rengar's right hand, a knife gripped tightly in his fist, paused under her chin, the blade sitting between her neck and chin.

His voice came out in an angry, ruthless growl between sharp fangs. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't skin you alive and hang your body out for your cultists to see!" He demanded.

Elise smiled at his threat, her eyes meeting his before looking toward Nidalee. "If you kill me, she dies as well." She warned.

Rengar turned his head to see. His eyes met Nidalee's teary eyes. He turned back to Elise, his express unchanged. "Again, give me a reason to NOT kill you!" He repeated.

The spider queen tilted her head, her smile fading. "You do not care for her life?" She asked, truly curious.

"Think about this very carefully. If she dies, why should I let you live?" He asked, his voice full of malicious and rage. "And before you get your hopes up, Kha'Zix told me about your plan before I broke his arms and ripped off his wings." He added.

It was then he saw what he wanted to see in her eyes: Fear and uncertainty.

She tried to speak, but could not find the words. Her smile was long gone now. She took a deep breath, the act causing the still blade to graze the skin of her neck. "You'll have to get off of me if you want her to live. My child is too deep inside her mouth to get out without help, and if you or anyone else other than I touch it, it will release its venom into her body." She explained.

Rengar let out deep, warning growl, then pushed Elise against the ground with his left hand, her head lightly hitting the dirt, before rising and getting off her piety form. "I swear: If you are making this up, I will skin you alive." He warned, pointing his knife at her as she rose. His now free left hand sought out its knife, gripping the handle but not pulling it from the sheath. Not yet anyway.

As Elise rose, she kept a watchful eye on the blade inches from her head. How he had beaten Kha'Zix so soon, she had no idea, but she did not doubt that her ally had been defeated. "Hands where I can see them!" She heard him growl. Complying, she raised both hands above her head.

She started moving when he poked her with his knife, moving toward her captive. Nidalee's eyes were angled on the back of the green spiderling mostly inside her mouth, careful to keep her mouth opened just enough for it to be comfortable but not wide enough for it to be encouraged to enter further.

Elise brought her hands up to the spider's rear end before turning her head to meet Rengar's angry eye with a glare of her own. A tilt of his head told her to get on with it. She bent forward, her face mere inches from Nidalee's, and moved her hands closer to the spiderling. "The fun's over, little one. Come to Mommy." She whispered sweetly, cooing the spiderling.

The insect bit at Nidalee's tongue once more, harder this time, forcing her to open her mouth in pain. When she did, the spider quickly backed away, resting in Elise's cupped hands. Its front half was covered in saliva, a few drops dripping onto Elise's hands.

Nidalee turned her head and coughed, her breathing rapid as she pulled in fresh air. She turned her head back Elise. "I'm going to kill you!" She snapped.

"Hmm." Elise began, her smile returning. "You two first." She countered.

She turned around, giggling, and threw the spiderling at Rengar as she jumped back, knocking Nidalee's hanging body to the side. The spiderling let out a shriek, then exploded in a burst of thick, green ooze.

Rengar covered his face with his arms. Nidalee shut her eyes and mouth tight. Elise let out a taunting laugh as she snapped her fingers.

Nidalee suddenly felt herself falling, but only briefly as she felt herself pulled harshly to the left. She grunted as she hit the ground, then again when her shoulder was slammed into the side of a tree. She looked up to find Elise, in her spider form, dragging her across the ground. She looked down and saw Rengar chasing after the two of them, followed by three of her cougar family members.

"You conniving *****! I'll skin and gut you alive!" Rengar yelled as he ran.

Elise laughed, the sound much different in this form than in her human form. "You'll have to catch me first!" She taunted, skittering across the ground.

It was a painful chase for Nidalee, her shoulders, legs, and back in constant pain as she was dragged helplessly along. She cried out with each hit, the threads doing little to protect her as blood began to mark the path.

After an agonizing fifteen minutes, she felt her back smack into a tree, then scrape against the bark as she was pulled up. She turned her head up, watching, then threw her legs to the side.

Elise, laughing manically the whole time, did not expect the sudden resistance of Nidalee's quick thinking. She was caught off guard and nearly lost her footing. Angrily, she turned to see the huntress's legs locked under a branch, keeping her in place. The spider queen also saw Rengar, his arm drawn back, as threw his right knife at her.

Instead of aiming for her, however, he was aiming for the spider rope between her and Nidalee.

The silken rope was cut imminently, leaving Nidalee to fall toward the ground.

She shut her eyes as she fell, then heard a grunt at the same time as she felt soft, warm fur around her arms and back. She opened her eyes to see Rengar's face looking skyward. He was growling menacingly.

"Let her go, Rengar." She began, quietly. He looked down at her, his features softening. "You don't know this area as well as I, and I am too injured to follow her." She added.

He looked back up at the large spider. He grunted, turning around and started away. Elise did not make a sound as she fled, clinging to the trees and running with the use of her legs and spider silk.

After a time, Rengar's expression turned to one of concern. "Will you be alright? You're bleeding badly." He said, his tone full of sincerity.

Nidalee smiled at him, then rubbed her head against the fur of his elbow. "I'll be fine. I've already begun healing myself. I just need rest." She assured him, purring softly.

He looked back, making sure the insect was gone and not following them. "Should I take you somewhere else? The Institution perhaps?" He asked.

She shook her head, then brought her still bound hands reaching up for his mane. He looked down at her in time to see her face near his. She licked her his nose. "I'll fine, as long as you're with me." She said.

Rengar stopped, his eye staring into hers. The two of them stared at each other for a long moment, before he brought his lips to hers. As awkward as their kiss was, it was the best she could hope for.

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Chapter 15: Call of the Wild

The council of summoners began to slowly file into the room and seated themselves into their assigned seats. None of them were seemed at all pleased to have been called into a meeting today, which was supposed to be a day off.

Hushed whispers were sounded as they all waited. The main topic was over why they had been called it. Apparently, it was about something that would change the way the League worked with its champions. Even if few to none of them wanted to be there, such big news was nothing to neither complain about nor ignore. This also meant one of the champions had requested an audience, "requested" being the friendly term.

Minutes past and there were still no sight or news of the champion who had asked for the audience. Several of the senior summoners were becoming impatient, tapping their fingers on the tables and not hiding their irritation.

Finally, the doors opened. Approaching the middle of the room was the Bestial Huntress, Nidalee. Several of the summoners announced their displeasure, comments about Elise and her spiders being spoken.

"I have a proposal for the League of Legends and the Institution of War." She called out, her voice even and collected, yet echoing over the room. All eyes locked on her as all mouths quieted. She waited a moment before she continued. "Whatever future matters that involve the Kumungu Jungle will not carry without my approval." That brought back their outcries of displeasure. Nidalee stood there and waited, indifferent to their calls.

When they quieted, she continued. "As some of you know, promises were made when I joined the League. These promises were centered on the protection of my home, the Kumungu Jungle, and the influence I would have on it as a League Champion." Her eyes lowered in a glare that swept the room, meeting the eyes of all the summoners present. "Those promises were broken by the League when Elise, another champion, was given a section of the jungle for her own personal uses with my knowing." She said in a warning hiss.

One of the summoners spoke up. "We have been through this before, Champion Nidalee, and you were present during the judgment. This meeting is ov-"

"She tried to kill me!" She growled her voice full of malice. She also bared her fangs, adding to her visual threat.

The summoner's eyes were still hard. "What are you talking about?" He asked.

Nidalee smiled, placing a hand on her hip, as she met the eyes of the summoner. "She tried to kill me with one of her volatile spiderlings, then again when she dragged me through several meters, maybe twenty, across the jungle. If it were not for Rengar being there, she would have either killed me or some of my family. I believe both." She said.

The summoner, defeated, stayed quiet.

Nidalee looked around at all of the faces around her. When no others spoke, she went on. "My proposal is that the broken promises is reestablished, but with additional conditions on my side to make up for the League's failure to keep their end." She said. She took a deep breath before going on.

"The League of Legends, nor the Institution of War, may give out pieces of the Kumungu Jungle to anyone without my approval. This includes Demacia, Noxus, Piltover, Bilgewater, Bandle City, the Rakkor, the Shadow Isles, and any other unnamed persons, peoples, groups, and organizations. If any wish to set foot within the jungle, without my approval, they will be viewed as trespassers and hunted. If any seeks to harm the jungle or those within, plants, animals, or people, they will be viewed as trespassers and hunted. Those hunted will most likely be killed, and their bodies buried within the jungle.

"There are those I have already spoken to, fellow champions and third parties, who will be my allies and help me with these hunts. Rengar, Teemo, Xerath, Ezreal, and Trundle are but a few of these names. Rengar and I have an alliance, having fought and driven Elise from my home. Teemo and I have worked together for some time now, the details he had requested I will keep secret. Xerath owed me a favor, and this is the favor I have selected. Ezreal and Trundle are interested in the artifacts and ruins within the jungle, which I have promised to help them find and search. Aside from these and unmentioned cases, all which enter the jungle, will be seen as trespassers.

"Finally, if I have reason to believe the League or the Institution has broken this new promise, there will be no repairing the ties. I will leave the League and seek out allies with whom I can trust.

"Before any of you think this will not affect you and your relationships with others, I wanted to bring to attention many incidents that League officials, merchants, and other parties have intruded. Several trade routes lead through the jungle I patrol. I can name many of the people I have seen and they can name me. I have even escorted officials and explorers out of the jungle. Many who have sought to "vacation" within the jungle, owe their lives to me for remedies and saving their lives."

She paused once more, letting her words sink in. As she looked around, she noticed that many of them had lost their anger, replacing it with fear and concern. She could almost read in their eyes the questions.

What if what she says of is true? I remember those reports, who did they belong to again? What would happen if we could no long get into the jungle? What would her allies do if she left? Who were her allies?

Whispers began to emerge as unsettling thoughts were passed from one summoner to another. She could not hear the exact words, but she could tell that they were worried tones, full of fear.

Finally, the lead summoner, one of higher rank than the one before, spoke. "You have come here to threaten us into complying?" He asked.

Nidalee straightened, her features turning serious. She looked ready to tear out someone's throat. "No. I came here to reinforce the promises that were broken, rather than leaving the League completely. If there is no way to do so, then I will say farewell here and none of you will see me again unless it is before you die." She warned.

There was silence, worried eyes turning to one another as though seeking some strength.

When all eyes turned to the summoner who spoke, it was as though they were asking him to decide the fate of the world. He turned to those at his sides. This was one of the main summoners who lead the League of Legends and the Institution of War, along with those beside him. He was one of the three with two of his advisors.

After several minutes of discussion, the three of them turned to her. "We accept these conditions. Any dealings involving the Kumungu Jungle will be placed on hold until you see them and give your opinion-"

"My judgment." She said, cutting him off.

The summoner's eyes narrowed, challenging her glare with his own. He then continued. "Your judgment, yes. If you do not agree with the dealing, the case will be thrown out and become voided." He said.

Nidalee smiled a pleasant, pleased smile. "That's all I ask for. Thank you all for your time." She said, for once with respect. She bowed, and then turned to leave.

"Wait!" She stopped and turned. It was the head summoner. "I've heard of the feud between you and Elise. I am glad to hear things have finally been settled." He said.

She gave him a half smile. "Yes, as am I. It will be good to sleep soundly in my home once more." She said before turning back to the door and leaving.

See the rest on Fanfiction.net -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8730812/15/Thrill-of-the-Hunter-and-the-Huntress.

Hope everyone enjoyed the series and sorry it took so long to get it out on here.

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Wait, so there is still more, or is that the end.

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Wait, so there is still more, or is that the end.

There is one last scene in Ch 15, but it's basically a final lemon and kind of leads what Nidalee and Rengar are now doing.

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next chapter plz