Do you remember... (Author Reflection Thread)

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You know, between us all fanfic writers, we are not so different. We all play league, we all write our own stories for it, and we are shunned by authors world wide because we write stories on their stories...

But we still have histories to this place. This forum. The fan fiction forum.

This is mine.

Feel free to skip my story and write your own history of being on fan fiction forums.

I joined league when I was fifteen. Before that, I had no idea what fan fiction was. I still had no idea even after a friend showed me league and helped me make an account. I became a fan almost in an instant. All I started to talk about was league. Seriously, that was all my mind was onto. Which next champion I will buy, making good builds, and at some nights I would just lay on my bed dreaming of getting a pentakill.

But what I loved the most was the lore. To some people, it was unnecessary. To me, it was a beautiful thing they had in the game. I became hooked instantly. After a month of playing, I had more knowledge of lore than all of the game's mechanics combined. I memorized the lore's of all champion's by heart, and for a time chose a champion based solely on their lore. Of course that did not last long and so I had to look at the mechanics again to make sure I knew how to play the champion.

Then I found the forums.

I usually came to the league site only to find out about any new champions. By the time I found the fan fiction forum, Riven was released(Just to give you an Idea of how far back I was with this game). Soon I found the fan fiction forum.

And then I started to write.

My first story was poorly written, as I had no idea on how a story should be written. It was a complicated story about a necromancer who was looking for his master's murderer before making a deal with death and joining the league. It featured champion made by different people, most notably a user named Jakoboy who had a reputation on the RP forum WAY back(Not sure if he is around anymore).

After I completely stopped writing the story, I took a leave from the forum's because I had a twitch in my right finger. So I stopped playing league altogether. It was a depressing few months. I was really depressed that I could not write anymore stories. I was bullied in my school, and writing was my way of cheering myself up. Today, I know there was no actual twitch, but I just was afraid of something I was told would happen from clicking too much by some people.

It is strange, you know? If I had not been afraid and continued writing, I would have never got out of that story and would have been shunned today as a fool and disgrace.

By the time I got over the 'twitch', I went back to the forums and messed about in the RP forum. there, I earned a reputation as a troll and idiot who has to be killed. thing is, I did not even know what I was doing was wrong. Today, some people from way back would remember me as the person who pushed for the VI Rune War RP to be made. I had a concept, but later gave the dungeon master crown to someone else(Forgot who) because I had real life things to tend too. It then housed a huge amount of people, who had made it possible. But three months after some major development's, the RP died and my RP soul with it. I never returned to RP forum until recently.

OK back to fan fiction. Now after some horrible stories, I wrote a poem called the Chogathy, based on the Through the Looking Glass's Jaberwocky. It became an instant hit for a while before dying to the more prominent fan fiction stories at the time. I soon gained a reputation for a lover of writing before leaving. See, I had some family issues, as my family did not want me to waste my time with this after they learned that this was connected to games. They strongly disagreed with what I do and told me I had to stop and focus more on studies. I was sixteen.

After leaving, I became depressed again. I tried to write my own stories, but found that I had no inspiration whatsoever. I was bullied for a good time before I snapped. Not serial killer snap, but let us say nerd rage snap.

They left me alone, but I was still depressed.

Finally, I found my inspiration and started my own stories. Now note I have not published anything yet, but I hope that as soon as my next project is finished I can publish some stories.

Recently as you have all seen, I have returned and started the reader interactive story River, Oh River, Hold me down. Why? Because I love league. I love the Lore, I love the concept, and I love the fan fiction forum and it's people. Yes, that is you reader.

These days, I look in the mirror and say to myself: I'm seventeen and I am awesome.

I still have a long way to go before I can take a place at the top, but this is my story.

What is your's?

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I first started writing stories or RPing in a game called City of Steam, a small game that basically all but crashed. If you know it I was the moderator, Winterschill. I had a bunch of cool ideas, but my execution was always very poor. I had a bad habit of starting an idea, but realizing I messed it up, I would quit it and start a new one. That habit still plagues me today.

I joined League around the end of season 2, I didn't hit 30 until season 3 where I hit bronze 1. I really got into the lore and wanted to write stories. Being weird, I felt like I wasn't worthy writing stories for these characters, being such a low elo. It wasn't until end of season 3 where I hit Plat 1 and now Season 4, Plat 2, that I felt "worthy" (I guess lol) to write stories for league. I also found out about, which was nice.

I first started with a story called "Demacian's Fire". A story around Shyvana, I realized I rushed it without much planning and scrapped it after some poor reviews. Around this time Yasuo came out and I was a huge fan of the Yasuo X Riven ship. I made a story called "The Weight of the Past", I was happy with it for awhile, I had an editor and I took more time with it. Im not sure why I stopped this story, I had decent reviews, maybe it was because I didn't like how I rushed the story and where it was at. I then planned out a really detailed story called "The Truth Behind the Ice", I edited it for hours, had good reviews, but I realized that I didn't like how OC it was and how I didn't like my OC character. After all these failures I was really down and I stopped writing for awhile. I got inspiration for another story. But before I wrote it, I got really paranoid you could say. I wrote so many failures under my league pen name, would people not look at my new story because of the stories associated with my pen name? Having depression, I really get upset about what people will think about me, so I decided to create a new pen name on

So the new story? It has half the views with a third of the chapters of my other stories. Double the favorites and follows and I'm really pleased with the reception of it. I don't even think it is that great to be honest. However, if the reception continues to go smoothly, I may post it on here on day.

IRL? I have always been open to playing video games, liking anime and being nerdy in general. I'm privileged enough to go to a private school, so people don't care that much. But they still judge me. Being 6ft 1' and having a lean build, I'm lucky enough not to be picked on about much. But of course depression (bio-chemical depression) doesn't help it much, I still feel bad about a lot of things. But I still continue to write, tho I've been really slack recently.

Bonus points to those who can guess which story I'm writing under a secret pen name. rofl :3

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I was never much for fan-fiction; in fact, I made fun of it (and to this day I still make fun of it) but upon happening upon this forum roughly a year ago that changed my mind.

As the oldest grandson and as a college student I have always had a pressure on me from many directions, and writing has been one of my few escapes. I have never been able to write prose effectivly nor make them long; my area of expertise has always been poetry. A few of you might have seen my contributions on the forums with "A Twist of Fate" on KuzAnn's story Ace or "Equinox" on Grand Viper's story Equinox; beyond these I don't have much besides reviews.

As of late I've been trying to work on my own fanfic combining our own world with the League through an OC of mine, but I've hit writers block and haven't worked on it in some time. Will I ever get through it? In time; I am just trying to live my life and survive from one day to the next.

(I don't really have a soppy sob story, sorry guys. Also, no offense to those who do have that sob story)

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I started playing league early in S3, introduced to it by a friend at school. At the time, I was bullied some, and I took League as an escape. I love reading and writing, and I loved League. First, I found my way to the Champ Concepts forums, in which I created a few. I was still under lvl 30, so I didn't much know how scalings worked and got a lot of criticism for it. Then I found the fan-fic forum.

At first, I just drifted around, invisible, reading the various fan-fics of the day, some of which are still here. In November of last year, I finally decided to create one myself. It was a Veigar / Lulu fanfic, called Hey, Hey, Veigar after a video from Lilypichu. Did I mention I also like to watch videos on Youtube? A lot. At this point I had moved schools due to lower-than-expected grades and bullying. I moved to the school I would have gone to if I hadn't been marked "gifted" at an early age. It is a generic high school, and unfortunately my fanfic dropped of due to schoolwork. That's where I am now, trying to think of a new idea to write about. It's been the best time of my life in the League community, considering all my best RL friends play it, and I look forward to infintely more.


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My friend introduced me to League of Legends. I started playing around the time Ahri came out - maybe a month or two before it. She was the first new Champion I'd ever seen, and I just had to have her. So I bought her, and screwed over every team I played on with her. Seriously, when I play Ahri it's a huge mess. And my team always gets mad at me.

That being said, I didn't start making fan-style contributions to the forums until some time later. For me, it all began with "Character Concepts." Yeah, I after playing the game for some time and learning what League of Legends was all about, I started thinking up my own Champions. I figured it'd become a regular outlet for my budding creativity. People would see my fan-made Champions, say "Cool," and move on to the next fan-made Champion.

Boy, how wrong I was.

The first Champion Concept I ever made was "Edena, the Fire Lich." She was a huge play off Karthus. Her ultimate, thinking back on it, was unfairly overpowered. And then I watched Edena float to the bottom of the page on day 1, and she disappeared completely by day 2. I made another Champion Concept, and thought, "Okay, maybe this'll wow somebody. Someone's gotta like this one." Two hours later, people started criticizing the holy hell out of my creation, as if it were really in a shoulder-to-shoulder line up of other fan-made Champions to be picked out by Riot for use. I lost count of how many times I kept telling people, "I'm not looking for criticism, it isn't like Riot's going to take our ideas" -- seriously, they really can't, because it'd technically be Copyright Infringement, or something -- "I just want to make a cool Champion that people could imagine and love. That's all."

Yeah, Character Concepts didn't work out for me. Not until I conceived my favorite OC to date, St. Gertha. She, like Edena, disappeared without so much as a glimpse, it felt like, from the community. I try not to "bump" my own threads unless I have something worthwhile to add.

Finally, one day, I read a few Fan Fictions, and said, "Screw it, I'm going all in, bones out," and wrote my first fanfic, St. Gertha's Intrusion. I know I've thanked him already, but I feel like I haven't given coffeeman9 enough credit for helping me out with the story structure. I have a complex that I'm trying to get over, and it's the complex of, "It's only a fanfic, it's not a real accomplishment, it's only a fanfic, it's not really my work." After Intrusion, I let out a sigh and thought, "Whew, I'm not doing that again," wrote Sona's New Strings, tried to write a Fanfic called Meindseit, which, I'm sorry, really flopped hard, because I was trying too hard to one-up St. Gertha's Intrusion and really wasn't going anywhere with it.

The Dark Child's Future was my stab at time-travel fiction. Thinking back on it now, I regret plotting that story out the way I did. For those who didn't read it (which I don't blame you, it was pretty bad~), I had one plan for the story but halfway through writing it, I began theorizing, "What if Syndra were Annie's future self?" And stuff happened and I came to a bittersweet ending with that one. That was the first and last time I'd change the status of a Riot-made character in my stories, because it didn't feel right to have Syndra just suddenly cease to exist.

I like the full-on Fanfics. CeruleanOak's novel, Spellthief, really caught my eye. I went AWOL from the forums back in December, so I haven't been back to read the rest of it yet. I've been super busy with RL stuff, but I'll eventually make time to come back and keep reading it. Some of the shorter, simpler Fanfics also caught my eye. Recently I fell in love with that Taric matchmaking service story --the exact title slips my mind at the moment, sorry, I just got home from work and am tired. Also, that one, Life's Too Long, I think it was -- again, sorry if I botched up the title! -- made me laugh out loud.

Whew! If you read this far and didn't get bored of me, thanks a trillion! I tend to ramble when I'm tired, sometimes, even on the Net.