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@Xyph & Season 3 Itemization: "Them some nice Nikes, bro"

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Eat Orange Be K

Senior Member


I was just curious that while there have been current item analysis and item analysis to "fill gaps", have you considered flat portions of items getting looked at? It seems one of the most obvious ones are boots.

Right now, it's something that everyone buys, but they also seem to have very limited selection that is role based (aside from maybe some extremely situational things like an early Tabi on AD to counter a lane opponent, but even then you'd sell them back by end game to get the "right" boots).

If you're an AD Carry, you're invariably getting Bersekers Greaves.
If you're an AP, you get Sorcerer's Shoes.
If you're one of those champs who is heavily dependant on roam and gank spamming, you will be one of the few who get benefit from Boots of Mobility (Talon/Skarner/Shaco/Jungle Alistar/Jungle Nautilus)
If you're not a tanky support, you may get Ionian Boots (or go into the below category as tanky supports would)
And if you're anyone else, you get Merc Treads/Ninja Tabi depending on their damage balance and amount of CC.
Oh, and you get Boots of Swiftness if you're trolling your team.

It just seems very limiting that in many cases, you have really only one, maybe two options depending on your role for what is essentially a "mandatory" item on all champs. Is there any chance we'll see new types, reworks of current boots, or both to add variety of playstyle to what is really the only universal purchase (other that wards) for all champs?

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Tony Shelurs



I agree with you, I would love to see more boots. On my ADC's I am forced to get the Berserkers, and on my AP Mids I am forced to get the Sorcerer Shoes. I completely agree with you. There should be atleast more of a variety. Hopefully a Riot worker will see this and atleast consider it.