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League of legends tournament prizes not handed out

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We held a tournament that was approved

aug 17th to aug 19th we will be holding a 5v5 double elimination tournament at Gaming Utopia. 50% of all entry fees goes to the prices for the top 2 teams. It is 50 dollars per team to enter into this tournament. First place will win 70% of the pot and 2nd place will win 30% of the pot. If more then 20 teams enter into this Tournament the entry fee for teams 21 and up will go straight to the pot.

If you wish to play on your own pc you may we currently have 32 stations up and running that can be used so you don't need to bring anything. However I would recommend bringing your mouse keyboard and headset to ensure you are playing on something that is familiar to you.

The date is set for aug 17th 2012 at noon. You don't need to be here at noon just before 8pm. Depending on the amount of teams this tournament can run all weekend. Starting at noon to 8pm Friday to Sunday at 5pm.

50% of entry fees will be given to the top 2 teams in payouts of 70% of first place and 30% for 2nd place. If more then 20 teams sign up there entry fee goes straight into the pot.

aug 17th to aug 19th If to many teams sign up it will be over 3 days if not just 1 day


1st place: $20 RP + Triumphant Ryze per player

2nd place: $15 RP per player

3rd place: $10 RP per player

4th place: $5 RP per player


We have both brackets for winners and losers along with tournament sign ups online. However All i'm getting is this is denied now and this is the responce.

You had multiple submissions in the queue – this is a response to a submission to a newer tournament. The short version is that, without brackets or other tournament validation, we can’t give out prizes for your previous tournament. It’s unfortunate that you had internal problems, but we need to maintain a high quality bar with the events that we choose to support.

Without a posted tournament page for your future submissions, you won’t get approved for future tournament support either.

1) only issue we had is the person that approve this tournament from riot was
J.T. Vandenbree
Sep 28

to me
Then can you please forward me the original email? The person who sent you the initial email is no longer with the company.

2) only issue I have is the original email was purged.

3) she has the sub number so what is the issue here do you need me to resend the brackets whats wrong and why can't the prizes be issued out we already decided never to do this again with riot. We had 11 teams show up over 20 people watch the stream locally and now we have even more teams for our next tournament that will only include cash now that this is taking forever to get resolved.