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[Champion Concept] Vretsar, The Chronowarrior

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Really interesting champion. I like his passive however I feel like it doesn't give enough energy for how often it will be triggered since his abilities kind of cost alot. Unless he triggers his passive he will only be able to use 2 abilities in succesion and in early games he wont actually be able to that easily. I do like it though i just think he needs some other way to gain energy or perhaps have it reduce the cost of the ability you trigger it with as well. anyways my other concern with your champ is his W i get that it is bassically just a weaker version of kass's ult but as is I think it still a little too strong. he bassically has a free flash every 10 seconds (6 seconds with max cool down which you have to figure in cause he will be built towards this.) that's the real power of this ability and I agree in that it should only be single target. if you still want it to be a free target teleport then have it just target the closest target like ez or it could be limited like jax and katarina to target a unit and damage it if it's an enemy. you could even tweak it to have it give a bonus to an ally if you target them perhaps increase their armor. As is it's an ezreal teleport that's far better (since it applies an aoe debuff and will honestly deal more damage since he will most likely be ap based.) Also I would say that his ult should cost no energy as with most energy based champions, it would help with the energy problem a little and it would also allow for even more synergy. my only worry's about his ult are that it almost guarantees a kill on a champ in a team fight since it also stuns the target bassically giving your team a free 2-3 seconds to kill them since the target will be stunned and alone. I understand that without the stun it might seem to similar to xin's ult but with it I think it is far too strong. perhaps slow the enemies pushed away if you still want that double cc aspect. Also the ult is almost another flash which is really strong... having 2 gap closers is really really really strong on a champ. They will almost never escape him. also is the push directional? or is it jsut dispersed around him? I think that having them all pushed in one direction would be really unique and allow for some cool tactics with how to reposition there team rather then scatter them. Anyways I really like this champ I think you did a great job on him and that he just needs some balancing.