Chronicles of the Exile (Series)

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PR Fuzzybutt



Here you go guys! This is the link to the Series, I will be editing this post so it can be placed again in the front of the page with updates of chapters. Don`t forget to have fun!

Chapter one released

Riven's journey has begun! Where is she headed? Who is this master? Why has she changed so much? More importantly, for what reason and what is this heroic path she has taken... First Chapter! Clash of the grand Duelist!

Chapter two released

Riven had been tracking down on mysterious meeting between two recognized icons of Noxus and Demacia! Fiora questions the depth of their meeting, an finds out that something fishy is going on! And no, its not mid forgetting to call mia on Fizz!

Chapter three released

What is this about who being a traitor? But hey! We are surely escaping in the opposite direction! Do you really have to show off every time you jump out of your horse Xin xhao? Hey! How dare you kill....No... I WILL DESTROY YOU!

Chapter four released

I have a promise to keep, regardless, and even if I am powerless to honor the fallen... I will still carry on with this promise I made...

Chapter five released

I will never let you go, I am sorry I was stubborn, but, now I can understand. Wait... my eyes...this coming darkness? What is this? All the memories of my life, rushing into me...this empty void....What is this!?!

Chapter six released

Hey? How come Soraka can make things pop out of thin air!? Is that Xin xhao? What is he doing here? Choon, pin, chao, ha, thuun puun cha, hao, THOOOOOOO!

Chapter seven released two know each other? LOL WTF BARON STEAL!

Chapter eight released

So my skills are inferior Master Yi? is that what you said in all chat? Guess what, my ulti just finished cooldown!

Chapter 9

Poisoned? Wait? How do you know who my mother is? Damn you, don`t die on me!

Chapter 10

Queen.... everything is happening so fast... I guess this is my destiny.

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PR Fuzzybutt



Celebrating the release of the first 10 Chapters! The project is working on fast! There is still and open spot for any artist out there that wants to do some art for the novel! Have fun reading guys! Remember the novel is updated daily! Might not be able to update a chapter friday-sunday since I will be visiting Florida! Might add about five chapters between tommorow and friday!