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Hi all :)

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Dunkmaster TTGOz



I am TTGOz

My friends call me TGO because my alias is TheGreatOne.

I am from starcraft 2, looking to prepare for the future if SC2 ever falls...

So hi

And, why is Miss Fortune so hard to beat without Renekton?

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BIood Fox



Hello TGO
Welcome to the LoL Community. First off, I do love starcraft... I just haven't been able to afford it, so i watch my friends.
Secondly, Miss Fortune isn't always hard to beat, especially when you get up to the 30s and you're fighting fortune with full rune pages. Fortune falls off early game, but if she farms more than your ADC, you can easily be screwed. Fortune Solo Top Is viable, but i don't see it often enough. Just try to keep her back from the farm so she's zoned, That's all i can really say without showing. Hope this helps.