Problems with Solo/Duo Queue(and the game in general)

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If you want the main points, read the (****) paragraphs.

So there's a problem that I've noticed in solo/duo queue that is consistent in every form of the game besides ranked teams. If you are playing with a random person, they may be a troll and take a role you called. This is especially bad in ranked. I know what you may be thinking, "If someone's higher up than you they get the role" that's true...

But what about when both of the people are choosing at the same time, and say, the person one spot lower called first and locked in first? Now if the person higher than him(after the other person already picked) picks the same lane(let's say top) or chooses a champion for top(let's say Darius) and takes said champion mid, it just makes the rest of the team discouraged and causes a volatile atmosphere before start even occurs.

It is then the greatest injustice that someone who is following the rules and being a good teammate(i.e. everyone but the Darius) would have to leave and lose points in order to avoid going into a game that in most cases will be a loss. And you cannot argue that it's fair to make those four waste 20+ minutes in a game that would most likely result in a loss because of the stubbornness of the Darius.

Now, how can we change this? There are several things I think that Riot needs to change in the game in order to make queuing alone or with less than five people a much more easy process that doesn't have the chance of resulting in a volatile team with bad blood before the game even starts. I've put this point before and I hope it gets buzz so maybe Riot will do something, at least respond:

(****)Riot should add some sort of system so when queuing for a 5v5(either ranked or normal) a person can check off one or two roles that they would prefer to do in the game(with one role being first choice and the other being second choice), then, when queue pops, it pops and lets them know what role they'll be doing.

This will help the game as it will end the in-fighting of teams and the possible throw of a game before it even starts. It will let people know what they're doing and it before hand and it will give them a better shot at what they want.

(****)Now, of course this has some flaws, in that if someone doesn't get their first choice they might try to first choice in their second choice role or something. If that happens, there should be a quick report that the team can issue to the person before the game. I was thinking along the lines of a 3/5 majority report that would remove that person from the game, giving them whatever penalties come with leaving the game as well as barring that person from playing for an extra X amount of minutes.

This system, I feel, should at least be tested as to it's validity, because if designed correctly it should all but end in-fighting among teammates before the game starts, and it brings fairness to if someone is trolling in the game(as in, the troll gets to have to wait to play again rather than the players just trying to play).

If you agree please get others to read in order to get this passed, for a much better and intuitive game, thank you.

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Thank you for the **** sections. They are very much appreciated. The role call system is something that would be awesome, but Riot hasn't decided yet if they're going to implement it. The last writing I saw of a Riot response to this was that Riot does not support whatever the current meta is, and this system would force people into the top/bruiser, ap mid, adc/support bot, jungle meta. Hopefully they'll either find a way around this or just give in to the fact that the community obvious accepts this current meta and we want it in ranked games, at least for solo q.

As for the removing trolls in champ select, this one would be very tricky. You could have people ganging up on someone and reporting him just because they don't like his pick. I play Viktor and I'm very good with him, but a lot of people are very uncertain about my pick until I go 12-1. This would also allow for duo q partners to gang up on people and force them into roles they don't want. Basically, rather than soling the troll problem in champ select, it would create a far worse atmosphere than what currently exists in champ select.

That being said, Riot is constantly looking for ways to improve gameplay and players experience in general, so just because they haven't implemented something like this doesn't mean they aren't working their asses off, they are, to make the game better in every way possible It simply means that they have their reasons for not implementing a new system like this, and until they can find a way to ease some of the concerns regarding a new feature such as the ones you suggested, they will keep thinking about it.