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Zed's Q Sound Bug

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Already posted this on PBE, but thought I would drop it down here as well.

Priority: Minor

Description: When Zed's Q hit an enemy unit, it makes a slashing sound effect like almost all skillshots do. However when the unit is not visible, no sound effect is heard. I've chosen to compare Zed's Q to Kennens. As they're both assassins, and both throw shurikens. As Kennen's Q does make a sound effect even in Fog of War, I'd expect it to do with Zed as well. SO I conclude it can't be intentional.

Repro steps:
1. Take a point in Zed's Q
2. Throw it on an enemy unit / champion in the FoW (Example, The Wolf Camp In The Jungle)
3. Observe as the Wolves gets damaged, but no sound appears.
4. This occurs 100% of the time whenever an unit is in the FoW