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Suggests for new abilities

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Aven Vera

Junior Member


First of all, forgive the grammar mistakes, english isn't my native language... :P!

I had 2 ideas that I would like to share with all of you...

1. An ability of a new character that spreads sight wards (perhaps 3...) in separated directions around the character. It should show kind of a triangle.

2. An ability of a new character that makes a shield around the character (like Leona's shield), but this shield remains a few seconds absorbing the damage taken and then healing himself with an amount equal to the damage taken.

I think both of them could be ultimates due to their big utility. Perhaps they could be abilities of items, spells, whatever...

I don't know if you own a system which shows what champion is the most popular through the weeks.

I hope this could be helpful for you to keep providing us entertainment. Thank you.