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Evelynn Solo Top Guide.

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Vax the Fennec

Senior Member


Hello Summoners!

We all know about Meta, and that some champions are built purely for support (Such as Janna or Sona), while others are purely tank(Such as Alistar or Malphite), and then we have the ADCs(Ezreal, Ashe, Caitlyn, Fiora etc.).

But one thing I recently came across is that Evelynn is a fantastically good solo top laner!

Evelynn is a hybrid assassin, and one of the very scarce champions in the league with the ability to stealth. She is, I believe in fact, the ONLY! champion who has automatic, endless stealth until engaged in combat! This makes her an exceptional scout, and also gives her an unparalleled ability to move from lane to lane unseen, and surprise people who did not expect her at their lane. She's very good at making it hard for the enemy to decide when it is time to sacrifice pushing and call Mia, or when to expect her to have left, and push the lane. With her stealth, she can pop up at any time, and any place. A skilled Evelynn player is commonly only seen by a secluded champion who's going to get blue or red buff. It is also, if she has had kills, the last thing they'll see.

Evelynn is one of the least attended to champions when it comes to skins, and in the 2 years I've played her on and off, I have not seen any new skins whatsoever be added to her. She has only two:

Shadow Evelynn
Tango Evelynn

I'd like to quickly throw a request in here, for Riot to please create more Evelynn skins. I'll leave that off topic remark now.

First of all, let us break down what Evelynn, infact, is!

1) Skill Focus

Evelynn is, as mentioned, a hybrid assassin, which means that she is capable of going both ways in terms of damage output; AP, and AD.

Both are viable options, and it depends entirely on the summoner to decide which one they prefer.

For this specific guide, I will be favoring AP over AD. Why this is? I will explain in a moment.

Her scale does also lean a little more to AP than AD according to her Champion profile, but my personal experience with her is that the difference shown is honestly smaller than it appears to be. The gap on the focus between AD and AP looks rather large on her page, but it honestly isn't that big, as I've managed to pull equally high damage for both styles, with as close to identical items as I can(AP to AD of course).

2) What are her abilities, and when to max?

Shadow Walk: When out of combat, Evelynn will stealth automatically, making it much harder to detect her. A shaded ring around her is the only indication of when an enemy is close enough to see her. While Shadow Walking, Evelynn regains Mana over 3 times faster than normal. (This is why you do not need mana pots in the beginning, your flat Mana regen is quite fast by default.)

Hate Spike: It targets a random enemy, be it minion or enemy champion, nearby, and sends a wave of spikes in a straight line, in their direction. Any enemy target in its path will be dealt damage. There is no damage decay per enemy hit; it is the same for every enemy.
^When to upgrade?
Level 1(Start ability)
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 14(1st Max ability)

Dark Frenzy: Every time Evelynn strikes an enemy champion with one of her spells(NOT auto attack), she gains passive movement speed. If she activates her Dark Frenzy, she gets an exceptional movement speed boost for a very short duration. If activated while slowed or rooted(snared), it will cancel the snare effect, freeing Evelynn from any movement impairing effects. (~4 seconds)(This is your primary chasing and escape ability!)
^When to upgrade?
Level 3
Level 9
Level 13
Level 17
Level 18(4th Max ability)

Ravage: Your hardest hitting spell! Ravage will strike your enemy twice for high spell damage, and also increase Evelynn's attack speed exponentially for a few seconds!
^ When to upgrade?
Level 2
Level 5
Level 8
Level 12
Level 15(2nd Max ability)

Agony's Embrace: This devastating ability deals very high spell damage to all enemies in its radius, slowing their movement speed, and gives Evelynn a personal shield, which increases in strength for each enemy champion caught in Agony's Embrace's initial damage. 1 Champion damaged = very weak shield, 5 champions damaged = exceptionally strong shield.
^When to upgrade?
Level 6
Level 11
Level 16(3rd Max ability)

3) What items to use?

For a skilled AP Evelynn with some! Ability to utilize her E's invaluable ability to increase her attack speed, I say this is a viable item build for her:

Level 1: Start off top lane using Tier 1 speed boots and 3 health pots. Use health pots at least until you get your ultimate at level 6, and the shield that comes with it. Personally I would go with having 2 pots on you until level 10.

Sorcerer's Shoes
(Start with Tier 1 shoes, upgrade to Sorc shoes a.s.a.p.)

Trinity Force
(Which order to build in?
1: Sheen
2: Zeal
3: Phage)

Phantom Dancer
(Which order to build in?
1: Zeal
2: Crit Cloak
3: Attack Speed Dagger)

Hextech Gunblade
(What order to build in?
1: AP gun+Spell vamp
2: AD Sword + LSteal)

Rabadins Deathcap
(Build the most expensive first unless it's hard to come by gold)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
(What order to build in?
1: +40 AP
2: +20 AP
3: Giant's belt)

Which order you build this in? Really is up to you! I would personally follow that order above, but some might like the slow effect from Rylais a little earlier, while others won’t go Trinity Force till last and go straight for RabaCap! Play it by ear!

4) What masteries to use?

There is an easier way than having to go through my mastery page and list EVERY single ability and how many points I put in there. In the LoL client, just search for RWxVixen > Go to Masteries in the tabs above > Find "Evelynn Special" > Copy that build.

5) Are junglers important in this strategy?

Exceptionally! Without a competent Jungler to back you up, this strategy is severely handicapped in terms of Kill chance. I suggest using this strategy with Evelynn only if you KNOW your jungler knows what she/he is doing, and that they are entirely expecting to support you when required.

Junglers I advice to be used while paired with a STAP(Solo Top Ability Power) Evelynn would be:

1) Amumu
2) Nunu
3) Malphite
4) Rammus
5) Lee Sin
6) Rengar
7) Shen

Why only these 7? They all have 1 thing in common; Utility. They all have one way or another to boost Evelynn's potential, and remember, the Jungler is going top to help YOU get a kill, not for them to KS your hard work...It's not easy being solo top Evelynn, so the Jungler needs to feed you kills, not vise versa.

Amumu has 2 stuns, his ultimate, and his wrapping. His wrapping also lets him get in close, just in case it's either the enemy escaping, or Amumu getting a kill. An assist is better than nothing!

Nunu has a slow effect in range as well as a movement and attack speed increase which can be layered indeffinately. He also has his ultimate which is perfect for a low HP Evelynn to lure 2 damaged enemies into a bush, and having it go off. This'll give Nunu kills, yes, but as mentioned above; Assists are better than nothing!

Malphite has a ranged slow effect as well, and he is one of the hardest champions to kill in the game(Apart from Singed....damn Singed <_&lt. He is a good choice for his ability to save lives with his slows and his sometimes underestimated damage output.

Rammus has his rolling ram and a taunt. Both of these spells are gold for Evelynn who does not have any way to slow her opponent! Keeping an enemy from exiting a lane to recover is the primary way for Evelynn to get her kills. Trying to flank turrets as Evelynn in pursuit of an enemy, by herself, with no backup, is a death sentence!

Lee Sin has his slow and a dash which allows him to deal initial damage to an enemy while Evelynn closes the distance from his slow and finishes the kill off.

Rengar is a copy of Lee Sin but with a leap instead of a dash. Same strategy.

Shen is a roll less Rammus, using Dash then Taunt will be a high chance kill scenario, as long as Shen notifies you prior to leaping in to make sure you're ready to close the distance -fast- using your W ability!

Please take note that these 7 junglers are just my personal bunch of favorites! If you have a friend who has another preference, such as Olaf Jungle? Try it! It can't hurt to experiment

6) Which runes to use?

My personal prefferences for this particular strategy? Is all AP with bonus health;

Glyphs: Flat AP
Seals: Half Flat HP, Half Scaling HP
Marks: Flat Magic Penetration
Quints: Triple Flat AP

A more universal, and possibly more merciful Runepage to build would go something like this:

Glyphs: Flat AP
Seals: Half Flat Armor, Half Flat Magic Resist
Marks: Flat AD with a few Scaling AD
Quints: x2 Flat AP / x1 Flat AD

7) Early Laning Strategy(Level 1-whenever laning phase ends and roaming phase begins)

Once you have bought your T1 shoes and 3 pots, pick Hate Spike and go up to your turret. Do not move into the bushes. You are a single AP Assassin; You have no one to back you up if your face pull goes Awry. Wait at your turret for your minion support.

Once your minions collide with the enemy in the middle of your lane, run up and stay on the side away from the two top bushes. Only when you're confident that you can run in safely, run into the minions and start Killhitting them for gold. Should an enemy champion be there with you, run as close to them as you dare, while spamming Hate Spike. Since Top lane is almost purely melee, you have the advantage of range. Your hate spike, with you being AP focused, does decent damage, even this early in the game. Run around in a random pattern to avoid your enemy anticipating your movement too much, and whenever you think you're close, spam Hate Spike to hopefully kill hit minions for gold, as well as poking the heck out of your enemy. (Note, that even vs. 2 enemies, this works really well, as it keeps them at bay from you. There's also the expectation of someone being at top to help Evelynn. Use this expectation of Meta obligation, and use their ignorance to let them be fooled into a sense of insecurity. Farm minions peacefully while poking them, and keeping them at bay!)

As the game progresses you need to make sure that your Jungle comes around whenever you ask for it. Once you have successfully poked your enemy down to low HP, ask him to come up and wait in a bush which corresponds to your Extension. Rule number 1: NEVER overextend as STAP Evelynn! EVER! It's a for sure bet that their own Jungler lies in wait, since you are indeed, an enticingly squishy morsel when all by yourself. Another good call is to use this underestimation of your capability to do fast shock damage to an enemy! Wait around and get your gold from minions until your Jungler calls for you to let them push. You do this by hitting your B key. Let it tick down unless they decide to poke you or charge at you to hope they can surprise you while you B. Should they make an attempt at your life, run back, but don’t ever actually go B! Wait out of sight for your stealth to activate, then hide in a bush if possible (keep an eye out for any enemies who run in there, and keep an eye on their Ward placement whenever you can!). Once you are in position and they seem to be confident that you are not nearby, call the Jungle to dash/roll/wrap/leap in first, slowing them down or taunting them, and doing initial damage. Once their morale to fight has broken, or their health is getting low, charge in with your W key and follow with an immediate E, all while you spam your Q whenever you can.

After every kill, make sure to retreat and recover any lost HP and spend your gold for the next ambush.

8) Roaming Phase and Ambushing.

Once your turret or the enemy's turret goes down, then is the time for you to go roaming. Stick to your own jungle, to avoid any campers sitting in the river brush waiting for you to slip by(They can see you in stealth if you pass by a bush which is within your stealth detection radius!). To avoid an ambush on yourself, Stick to your side of the jungle, and then dip down into the cross path bushes on either side of Mid lane. If its ripe for an ambush, charge in with W and instantly use your ultimate on the enemy(ies), then your E, and Q from there on out. Successful or not, move to the next lane.

A buff to get for you should never be blue; there are plenty of allies who could use blue more than you. Go for red if you must, but remember to ask permission from the ADC before you do! You're still just an assassin; it's not your job to carry the team unless you have to (ADC sucks, or DC's).

9) Team Fights!!!!

When you're faced with a full team vs. full team fight somewhere on the map, your number 1 concern is to stay hidden to ensure you can tell the course of the match! Running in there too early will surely get you focused since you are bound to be one of the squishiest targets for them! So to avoid becoming a sitting duck, wait to see which direction the fight goes in. Once enemies begin getting lower on HP, Open up with your ultimate, then E, then spam Q. Make sure to click around to utilize any AD and attack speed you might've gained from your E ability or items. Remember that your auto attacking is not impaired by your Hate Spike. You can spam it as much as your mana pool permits while hitting just as hard and fast with your auto attacking! With this, chase any enemies foolish enough to remain in the battle when a full HP and likely VERY powerfully shielded Evelynn comes charges in!

You may've noticed I haven’t called for a W yet? That's because your W is not just a good surprise ability, it is also your most valuable CHASING and ESCAPING ability, which means that you have 1 ability which can do 3 separate things, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You need to decide prior to a combat, whether you want to risk using it as a "BOO! SURPRISE!!!" ability, where you charge out at insane speed, or if you wish to use it when they're running away from you, to get up close to them so that you can get a hate spike or Ravage in there, to activate your W's passive movement speed per ability hit passive. 3rd, but perhaps the most important, is the thought of escape! Is there a good chance that they might gain the upper hand and you'll have to not retreat but advance in a different direction?(Lol XD) Then I would save your W until such time, since it not only gives you a strong, but short speed boost; It also removes ANY movement slowing effects(Yes, even Exhaust). So with those 3 scenarios in mind, make a quick witted decision as to whether you need to save your W for shock, offense, or defense purposes!

That's all I really had on this topic! I hope you enjoyed the guide, and, should you give it a try? that it works for you as well as it has worked for me

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So sad that you made this long post just for it to dissapear in the oblivion ;(

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Guy on a bus

Senior Member


Err, sorry, but I'll have to disagree with your guide.

1st off. E is not her hardest hitting spell. It is Q and it is also ranged and multi target. Q should always be maxed first, then E then W (1 point in W at lvl 4, don't touch it again until everything else is maxed).
2nd off. and this goes for all stealth champs, they should NEVER be roamers. You are only gimping yourself if you do this. If your opponents have half a brain, their first item will be a vision ward, then 1 of 2 things will happen. 1) You will lose gold from not getting CS and gank not being successful 2) You will feed, and still lose the gold from not getting CS and gank not being successful.

Instead, stay in your lane, last hit, bide your time. Farm up as much as you can before team ganks and team fights start because if you don't, you will be way behind. Harass with Q when necessary.

Also: Suggestion for build change: trade phantom dancer for RoA. Why? Phantom dancer is really for hardcore ADC that get Infinity Edge. With ROA in combination with rylai's you will be nearly unkillable unless you are focused down.

Also: It is possible to work in a archangel's staff because of the low CD of Q and spamming of W while changing lanes (giving you a neat shield when it's done and also a TON of AP to help your Q win everything.)