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Your Support and Wards

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Ok, so I just had a game where one person raged horribly for absolutely no reason because they were claiming there were no wards on the map. The rest of the team was supportive and told the raging person that I was doing fine... but I still want to just get this out there.

1) When the map has been warded the whole game and you wait for that one second when the wards die to claim your support never wards... rethink typing it out because you're not actually being truthful and you're not being constructive. Look at your supports items and see if they have wards in their inventory. If they do, they're most likely going out to ward the map. Don't be a jerk and find the nanosecond where there are no more wards to complain and place blame on other people.

2) When the support tells you that the enemy has an oracles and is eating their wards... don't say that it's the support's problem. No, it's a team problem because they have the advantage over you and the rest of your teammates. The support is already low on levels because during laning, they are depriving themselves of EXP to ward the river and brush so their ADC doesn't get behind. Then after laning phase is over, they are wandering the map and plopping wards down while every other person in lane comfortably sits near minions and gets EXP without worrying. While you're farming those minions, the support is out there away from EXP and making sure you don't get ganked by the enemy team.

3) You have no idea how fast 3 minutes goes and how slowly gold accumulates. Wards are expensive and you can only hold 5 in one stack. It takes lots of gold and lots of time warding the map. Even with 3 gold items, it's still slow. The only time it picks up is when the support is getting a lot of assists.

4) If you think you know how the support should be playing, play a support yourself and feel what it's like to actually have to do the job you expect someone else to do. You won't rage so hard because being aware of the map and keeping ward coverage up is a lot harder than you think. In top and mid, you're not giving all the CS up to someone else, you're taking it for yourself so you don't know how slowly the gold comes and how hard it really is to be a good support.

Overall, I just want people to know that playing the support is really a thankless job. There have been so few games where people acknowledge the support that I remember every time I've been thanked as a support. People often forget about a good support because they affect the game in a less noticable way than a jungler or AP/AD carry. They don't have lots of kills. They don't have lots of damage. BUT they warn you when you're getting ganked and tell you where the jungler is and it's easy to forget that had they not warded and helped you out, you probably would have died.

Also for the ADC with the random support... it's hard for us supports to know your play style when we've never played with you before. We don't know when you'll go in and we don't know if you'll follow through. Communicate if they aren't playing in a way that is in sync to your play style. It's hard for me to focus on your behavior and ward the map and keep track of enemies. Give us some hints and communicate with us with words and don't just tell us to watch you when you go in. We can't. We have to watch multiple things at once constantly and that split second where we were focusing on something else could have been a critical split second that determined kill or death. Give us cues. Ping or tell us that if you land a certain skill you're going to go for it. You'll make it a lot easier on us during the laning phase and it will also help mid game since we'll have some sort of synergy at that point.