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What to improve on?

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Hey guys,

I have been wondering for a couple of days, what role should I improve on next?

I think I'm a pretty good AD Carry, although I suffer at the laning phase, I'm quite easily zoned out, but I generally know my way around in teamfights.

In mid I mainly play Ahri, Katarina, Morgana and Malzahar. Laning once again seems to be the major problem here, but I make that up with roaming and ganking other lanes and getting fed that way. I win most of my mid games.

I'm not proud of my jungling, I usually go Jarvan, Shyvana or Amumu and that's pretty much everything for jungling. I tend to get *****ed at for not ganking some lanes, but how can I when they're all pushed when I'm around?

I lose top 2 times out of 3 so I tend to stay away from toplane if possible.

I'd love to support, but it gets so boring after a few games that I can't take it anymore