Any tips for playing Ryze?

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I'm new to the game and I'm making Ryze my main champion and I'm trying to figure out what guide/strategy I should follow. I'm trying to decide between these two guides:

If you have any tips or an even better guide it would be much appreciated.

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They are fairly similar guides.

Runes wise, MPen red, health/lvl yellow, MR blue with movespeed quints is reasonable. You might take flat armor yellows if going toplane vs physical champs.

Masteries: I prefer 2 offense (+4 dmg vs creeps), 21 defense, 9 util as it gives me good defense, CDR, Movespeed, and util gives the mana pool booster and more movespeed. I lose the 10% penetration.
The 9-12-9 works too. I dont like Utility above 8 though.

Start with boots+3pots because your range SUCKS and you need to dodge skillshots a lot.

On your first trip back, you want Tear OR catalyst. Tear is cheaper and you start charging it earlier. Catalyst boosts health and gives both types of sustain.

Get whichever you didnt get before, though you can get a NEGATRON if needed right now.

Get sorc shoes.

So now you got Shoes, Catalyst, Tear. You will likely get the Rod of Ages upgrade now.

Now we need some armor/MR. You got negatron and chainmail to toughen you up.

Chain will turn into a Glacial Shroud/Heart for massive armor boost, and it gives you mana and CDR. The CDR is actually a big deal since 20% plus your 10% you get free plus 8.1% defense = near maxed! That means you can use Q,W,Q,E,Q,R,Q,W,Q,E,Q comboes for sustained damage with each Q-pair 1 second apart, instead of the snipish Q,W,E,Q.

What to do with Negatron? THEY say get abyssal. I say get a BANSHEES VEIL. Abyssal got severely nerfed so that its offensive aura range is like 400!!! That sucks dick.
Banshee gives more health and mana for some offense.

Finally upgrade that Tear to an Archangels at around 2k mana pool as this is very cost effective AP (and a bit of mana).
Your last item will probably be a second Archangels which is pretty cost effective lategame.

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Make sure you're using smart cast if you're going to use Ryze. That is #1.