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Looking for a team 1700 Elo player

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OK Migi

Senior Member


Hello! Im looking for a team that will seriously want to get the top 32 spots for season 3

I can bring along a friend who can play a pretty good AD, he plays at the gold level.
I can also bring along a top

Me, I Play a good jungle. I am willing to learn more roles as well, such as support.
(only one I know is Janna at a high level lol)

add me in game, and well talk,

btw Im a nice fun guy

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DpG Akyalas

Senior Member


Name: Ryan
Summoner: Fatalimpactt
Age: 23
Time Zone: PST
Education: College Senior

Greetings community, I love playing support and I have virtually all of them. My secondary role is jungling and top laning pretty evenly when it comes to skill, map awareness, and experience. My current elo is without question terrible because supports can make plays, but cannot carry games. I regularly play normals w/ players who are diamond ranked+ and have 1500+ wins and hold my own. I'm interested in finding an active team that wants to run existing strats, push lane strats, and any innovative ideas we can come up with as a team.

I look forward to forming a team with those interested or joining a team that already has pre-existing synergy.

S3 is where it's at, lets start preparing for it.

P.S. That is my personal add, however I main support and have a very active 1700+ mid. We are serious about achieving the 32 top teams, but must get the team going so we do have work cut out for us. Message me here on in game and we can discuss further. If you jungle and you bring on your top laner and ad we can see how things work out.

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1700 ad carry lmk