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I want to make Champions for League of Legends

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Zed ls Dead

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Riot. Hire this man.

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Well, dropping the interactive kit project because of various reasons, still i'll hop by from times to time to comment about you art and champs...

First of all, in general, I like the revisions much better than the olds. Like I mentioned for Quinn, with the revision, you gave her some notable attributes (the sash, the arrogant look, made mecha more important than nodes pointing it toward a melee instead of ez). For the rhyno, I loved it as it was before, but apparently, a lot of people didn't... Still I can see working at least as much now that he's more gorilla-esque (and the gameplay might comes through a bit better).

I said in general since, imo, Leer-Vo still suffer from her lack of defining factor... She has spikes, too big for them to be simply for show, but too little to be her main weapon, A big eye with teeth, so the teeth/thorn is still present, but the eye also takes a huge part of her, very small arms, just an artistic choice, although it gives the feeling that tentacles are now used only as legs (no more strangling), but some of them don't reach the ground... So basically, Leer-Vo awkwardly reminds me of Omen... I look at it and I don't have the slightest clue what threat it could pose or what are its specialties...

As for your newest champs, I love Danielle, she feels consistent and has a few defining factors that fits together relatively well (kinda stretched at some times, but that's the joy of designing... you create a champion that isn't exactly what they would expect). For Murdok and Larsa, I really love what I'm seeing, I would have preferred if Murdok would've been grumpier though :P. And, last but not least, Scheele. I think that both the art and the design are there, except for this little fact that he should enhances himself with poison, not enhance poisons (unless his kit has like 3 poisons, then it could be ok. But my point is that the focus of his abilities should always be himself).

Oh and just realized I never commented and Castor & Pollux, but I honestly think here that for the first time, your design is much better than your art... You described their relationship as very conflicted (hero vs villain), but you still drew them terribly similar. Otherwise, I like their look individually although they are a bit plain. But i'm pretty sure that with 1-2 revisions they could be TERRIBLY badass (since, like I said, you have an extremely solid foundation)

Onto a tentative kit, I'll take Terradon (I prefer that name as it's simpler, but read it as rhynosomething).

Lore : After Maokai's animation, and the successful summoning of Malphite, the Institute of war started to do some undercover tests to artificially create life. Their goal was pretty simple, the more strength they are, the longer they can keep the wars in check. And so a bunch of scientifics were sent away to create life using the Monolith's energy. After countless failed attempts, they came to a stalemate, where no matters how many tries they did, they couldn't progress any further or acquire any unknown data. In the end, their biggest success was animated blob of earth and plants, but it showed no signs of intelligence or even slight awareness. They brought it back to the institute, but to no avail. In the end, it was throw away like a trash.

Little did they know that the strong magic radiating from the Fields of Glory would accomplish the very thing the tried so hard to do. Slowly, Terradon started to take shape, growing in size, and developing limbs to travel more easily. As he began to look like an animal, predators targeted him, he learned to use his mineral origin to use as a shied and defend himself. Each time someone or something targeted him, he defended himself with even more aggressiveness and violence. He ended up in paranoia, attacking anything coming closer to him, until he became a predator himself, out of control. The Institute ended up capturing him, and after a moment, they recognized the life form that they created. He was thus sent to fight as a champion to evaluate his capacities.

~Very tentative and not so good imo, there is too much text for too little information... I tried to do it a bit similar to Maokai's and it kinda failed since I couldn't do like Maokai without doing Maokai... If Maokai's lore ever get edited, I could create a much better one, about the earth's core raising to defend it or something like that, but that is pretty much Maokai's lore... except that this one is (nearly) willingly rising.

Innate : Terraform
As Terradon gets hit, he becomes sturdier. Every hits Terradon receives gives him 1 Terraform stack reducing incoming damages by 1% for 3s. The effect stacks twice as fast when immobile.

Q : Rampage
For the next 4s, Terradon gains 40/50/60/70/80 MS. Additionally, his auto-attacks will deal an added 15/20/25/30/35% physical damage. While in rampage, Terradon can move through minions, at a slightly slower pace.

medium mana cost
medium cooldown (~16-10)

W : Tectonic Quake
Terradon jumps at target location, dealing 100/130/160/190/220 (+0.8 bonus AD) physical damage to everyone around him and rooting them for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2s. If Terradon is rampaging, he can jump farther and he will deal increased damage based on Rampage's rank

range ~500/800
high mana cost
long cooldown (~23-15)

E : Earthshaker
Terradon pumps up and smashes the ground with both fists joined. Enemies around Terradon receives 20/30/40/50/60 (+0.5) damages and are slightly knocked airborne (0.5s).

channel time : 1s.
low range (ali's Q)
fairly low mana cost
short cooldown (~10-6)

R : Quicksand
Passive : Terradon deals increased damage to champions slower than him based on the difference.
Active : Terradon enters a frenzy, clobbering the ground at his feet making it crumbles under the blow. For 6s, Terradon hits the ground every .5s dealing 10/20/30 (+.01 hp) physical damage to anyone in the center and stunning them, while champions farther are dragged toward him and slowed by 30%.

cast time : 1.5s
range : 150(damage)/800(drag)
fairly high mana cost
very high cooldown (~160-90)

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Voodoo Jelly

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Hey, Izzabelle. I want your opinion on something. You made a yordle duo champion idea. I made one too. I want to know what you think. Here's the concept, in full.

Yip and Yap, the Twin Field Specialists

Support, Mage, Ranged.


Both Yippery and Yappery Yelpingshun are a rare sight: Identical Yordle Twins. Only one out of every thousand families is lucky enough to get fraternal twins. Identical twins? They're one in a million. The social nature of yordle-society makes them particularly sensitive to their race's intimate connection with themselves and others around them, and in consequence have always striven to build bridges. Between places and people. Because of their rapid dialogue between one another, Yip and Yap regularly discussed the physics of making people come together against all odds.

As children, the twins started with real bridges, but as they and their intellect grew, they began to find architectural engineering in only three spatial dimensions boring. Yip's boundless energy and driving ambition, and Yap's cautious follow-through and attention to detail resulted in the twins writing page after page of fiercely scribbled notes and theories to the local hextech engineers. This, combined with their nonstop chatter with one another at all times of day, no matter where they were--buying food from the market, constantly being admonished by the Bandle City's librarians, even walking down the street--eventually got the attention of their beloved city's elite. Subsequently, they woke up one morning to find a messenger delivering to them a personal invitation to Piltover's famed Yordle Academy from the Revered Inventor himself. He offered them the chance to explore bringing people together in ways they'd never had the chance to attempt, or maybe even imagine.

Yip almost began running from the house that very moment, but Yap called her back, so they could prepare and pack. Still, with impressive speed, they reached the hallowed laboratories, classrooms, and libraries in the Piltover Academy. Fondly remembered by the professors of the Academy is the day they arrived. Yip racing around the main hall, Yap's eyes round with excitement as she wandered almost in a stupor vaguely after her speedy sister. Not for a moment did they stop talking to themselves and anyone in their path. The twins reeled with their awe: they were in Piltover's Yordle Academy! In the centerpiece, the most prestigious symbol of a dedication to progress, and bringing people together. Their dialogue was at a fever-pitch, and the professors began to lose track of what the two young yordle girls were even saying. Heimerdinger then simply cleared his throat, and they fell silent, eyes wide.

Their tenure at the Academy remains fever-pitched to this day, but just after Heimerdinger introduced the grounds to them--the two of them in complete silence--they were obsessed, outright giddy with the prospects of accomplishing something never before achieved (and potentially impressing Heimerdinger). After what they called a "standard three-day argument", they settled on something daunting, something that would make them worthy of the Revered Inventor's invitation.

They began exploring ways to mechanically regulate a class of spells that many a mage miscast all too commonly, with often disastrous results. After many long nights where the sounds of Yip and Yap's incessant arguing mixed with the clanging of metal tools, they emerged from their laboratory with hope of triumph--and no small amount of dirt and oil smudged into the bags of their sleep-deprived eyes--on their faces, to present their prototype to the Academy that very day. The demonstration went perfectly. To thundering applause, Yip and Yap had, before an audience of their heroes, managed an incredible accomplishment: hextech teleportation!

In fact, their theory's thesis and basis for their research, entitled "Quantum Quadrature: Movement, Oscillation, And Relatively Safe Corporeal Reentry Utility Bridges", impressed the Revered Inventor so much that he appointed them his de facto lab and field assistants. Apprenticed to the greatest Yordle mind in existence, the Yelpingshun twins' turbo-tongues again fell silent as they jumped for joy.

Alas that this happy time for Yippery and Yappery had to come to an end. When Rumble, the infamously outspoken critic of their mentor, was admitted to the League of Legends, Yip began arguing with Yap that very day. What ultimately allowed Yip to finally convince the ever-cautious Yap into submitting themselves for candidacy into the Institute of War was that that the League was not only the perfect place to help their favorite professor's reputation directly on the Fields of Justice in light of Rumble's constant jibes and mockery, but also it would allow them to bring out their mechanical genius for the ever skeptical eyes of the world. The chance to make Heimerdinger proud of them again pushed the twins over the edge.

Thus, the twins brought to the League their greatest triumph: the Hextech Warp Generator. Yip carries the Generator's Click-Click-Boom Pistol, an energy disposal tool tethered by cable to aid in the discharge the excess energy the Generator continuously produces with the handy side-effect of incidentally being a powerful defensive weapon. Yap, more concerned with the Generator core's logistics, carries the Warp Generator's Point-Click-Click Pack, its main component. She interfaces with their invention using an ingenious hybrid arm-keypad and goggle system that she freely admits basing off of Heimerdinger's brilliant work he'd accomplished with Ionia's Master Wuju Bladesman, offering her precision control for manifesting fields of warp on the Fields of Justice.

Between the two of them, there is an unspoken connection that Yip and Yap will show the world what they can do. This is extremely fortunate, because they still speak about anything and everything else all the time.

"I'm Yip, and I zip!" "And... uh... I'm Yap! I zap." ~ The Yelpingshun Twins, hosting the latest Annual Yordle Academy Gala.

Visual Champion Statistics Overview Summary.

Low to medium red bar.

Low to-high-medium green bar.

High-middle to full blue bar.

Maximum purple Bar.

Champion Statistics

Base: [ __ ] (+ __ per level)

Health: [500] (+73)

Health Regen: [4.0] (+.81)

Mana: [275] (+40)

Auto-Attack Range: [480]

Attack Damage: [47.2] (+2.3)

Attack Speed: [0.715] (+.021)

Armor: [14] (+3.4)

Magic Resistance: [30]

Movement Speed: [310]


Notes: Yip's voice is slightly lower than Yap's, but they both have squeaky voices, and speak very fast.

Champion Selection:

Yip: "Ooh! Wanna subvert reality?"

Yap: "Well... that sounds... fun!"

Together: "Whoo-hoo!


As one unit.

Together: "Transwarp and port out!"

Yip: "That way!" Yap: "No, this way!"

Together: "For great science!"

Yip: "So many wormholes!" Yap: "So little... time?"

Together: "Mathematical!"

Yip: "Particle!" Yap: "Wave!" Yip: "Particle!!" Yap: "Wave!!"

Together: "Calibrate Early, Celebrate Late! Hee, hee, hee!"

Upon Separating.

Yip: "Whee!" Yap: "Be careful!"

Yip: "I feel the need..." Yap: "...the need for speed?"

Yap: "Have gun?" Yip: "Will Travel!"

Upon Rejoining.

Yip: "I'm back!" Yap: "T-t-thank goodness!"

Yap: "Good job, Yip! Yay!" Yip: "I am pretty cool."

Yap: "I was a little worried..." Yip: "Yap. Less Queue-Queue, more Pew-Pew."

Yip, Separated.

"That way! ...Finally!"

"My glass contains fifty percent dihyrdogen monoxide."

"Hee. I like it, summoner."

Yap, Separated.

"This way! ...I hope!"

"Summoner! W-w-wait! The equipment's delicate!"

"Mustn't run away, mustn't run away, mustn't run away..."


As one unit.

Together: "Eat photons, small-heads!"

Yap: "Target is acquired!" Yip: "Soon to be expired!"

Together: "Kerblammo!"

Yip: "Smooth brained nincompoop." Yap: "Hey! What did I--Oh, right. Get 'em!"

Together: "Y-O-R-D-L-E power!"

Yip, Separated.

"Runnin' and gunnin'!"

"Zip, Zoom, Zoopity-bop!"

"They probably won't know what hit 'em! Too dumb! Hee, hee!"

Yap, Separated.

"Ooh... Ooh... Ooh... H-h-here?"

"Here goes nothing. Well! Zero-rest-mass... Not... you know. Nothing."

"Ooh? Ooh! Wootah! Kerpowwy!"

Ability Casts and Situational Interjections.

Breaking Split Decision's Channel Duration.

Yip: "Run faster! Yap: S-slow down!"

Yip: "Whoops, my bad! Yap: Stay focused!"

Triggering Resonace Cascade Too Closely.

Together: "Gah! Whoops!"

Together: "Ow-Ow-Ow!"

Using Blast Off.

Together: "Uh-oh!" Yap: "Aim it, aim it!" Yip: "I'm trying as fast as I ca-a-a-a-a-a-an!"

Together: "Holy moly!" Yap: "Get off the top!" Yip: "No, no, I can... reach the release... va-a-a-a-a-a-a-lve!"

Blast Off's Channeling Interrupted.

Together: "What the--!?"

Together: "Abuh?!"

Using Space Tunnel.

Together: "Pads... successfully down!"

Together: "Fields quantumly entangled!"


When Together.

Yip: "...And the physics professor says, 'that's no hydroxyl ion, that's my wife'!" Yap: "Ee-hee-hee-hee!"

Yip: "...'How did you know you lost the electron?' and the ion says, 'I'm positive!'" Yap: "Ee-hee-hee-hee!"

When Separated.

(Yip must be within (500) range to respond)

Yap: "...Um... So the boson... it says... and I know they can't really talk but..." (if Yip is not in range) "...Oh, you're gone." (If Yip is in range) Yip: "...Yap ...Stop. We'll... be here all day."

Yap: "...And well, see, the bartender... says 'What'll it be?' And... and the hypothetical superluminal particle w-walks into the bar!" (If Yip is not in range) "...Where'd you go? Yip?" (If Yip is in range) Yip: "...I don't... get it...That's paradoxical."


When Together,

Together: "Hey, hey! Don't run away! It's all fine, it's okay, you'll be fragged soon anyway!"

Together: "We're not Small! We're real tall! We're outright giants, talking science!"

When Separated.

(Yip must be within (500 range) to respond.)

Yap: "You! your cortex is, uh... Betamax! 8-Track! ...Yeah!" (if Yip is in range) Yip: "...Re-e-e-ally?"

Yap: "Ha! Your grades must... have been bad! You... Dumb! (if Yip is in range) Yip: "Ugh... just... no..."

Other Emotes.




When Together: A locked-arm square-dance.

When Apart: Yip and Yap, regardless of where they are from one another, both begin separate spinning single-versions of their dance. Clicking or Alt-Clicking to control either of them will only stop the dance of the one commanded.

Passive - Double Trouble.

"Ee-yowch!" "Dat's right!"

Yip and Yap divide their health, armor, and magic resistance with a negative multiplier when separated, but as they level up, this penalty diminishes. Every three levels, the percentage of stats lost decreases. When separate, each yordle has a total of (30%/40%/50%/60%/70%/80%) of their combined total health, armor, and magic resistance. Additionally, this percentage is the rate of total experience Yip can gain for Yap beyond (1000) range.

Yip carries their Warp Generator's Click-Click-Boom pistol, enabling her to continue using basic attacks but unable to cast spells. Her attacks will apply on-hit effects. Yap maintains the Warp Generator's Point-Click-Click console, and is the focal point for the beginning of their skill casts including items and summoner spells, but leaves her unable to use basic attacks.

When separated, Yip's movement is controlled by issuing commands holding down the ALT key.

At the moment of separation, they both retain the current health percentage they had together. Upon rejoining, their health is averaged (added together and divided by two). When separated, Yip cannot use the store or be recalled. If while separated only one twin dies, the dead twin will incur (33%) the normal revival timer for her level/masteries and be displayed as a debuff on the living twin. If the other twin dies, (50%) of the current time for the previous dead twin will be added, and both twins will revive rejoined as a single unit. Killing Yip awards (33%) the gold bonus, and Yap (66%) the total gold bonus for both twins. Only killing Yap will count towards champion kills.

Addendum regarding defensive items: If active when Yip and Yap separate, defensive shields will be split between the two. Buffs like Blessing of the Lizard Elder will apply to both twins instantly if applied while separated. If in possession of the buff while joined together, upon subsequent separation, the buff will, again, apply to both. However, if one twin loses it, so will the other. If the twins are separate, new defensive bonuses can be placed in full on each twin. Recharging defensive bonuses like Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil will recharge only on Yap if separated from Yip, and Yip must rejoin Yap as a single unit, and then separate again to begin re-splitting the buff.

"Together forever, no matter how long..."

Q - Split Decision.

"Not it!"

Cost: (0) Mana.

When Together: The twins separate instantly as Yap reels in Yip's pistol cable. Yip gains (5/7.5/10/12.5/15%) movement speed and her auto-attack range is increased from (480) to (550) as long as she is separated from Yap. Additionally, Yip's first shot after separating will slow an enemy champion by (35%) for (2) seconds.

When Apart: Only when Yip is in range can this ability be reactivated. Upon activation, Yap will send out the pistol tether that automatically connects to Yip. Yap begins channeling for (3/2.5/2/1.5/1) seconds, after which they rejoin and once again become a single unit, instantly gaining (15%) of their maximum mana. This mana gain can only occur once every (90/80/70/60/50) seconds.

During the channel Yip can still use basic attacks, and both twins can move, but Yap cannot cast other spells during the channel, but Yip and Yap must begin and remain within (300) range of one another to successfully rejoin as one unit. Breaking the channel incurs double the normal cooldown.

"The ties that bind." "Tell me about it."

Cooldown: (12/11/10/9/8) seconds.

W - Shield Manifold.

"We're givin' her all she's got!"

Cost: (40/45/50/55/60) Mana initially, (22/24/26/28/30) Mana for each additional second.

When Together: Yip and Yap generate an absorption shield over a moderate diameter (550) area with themselves in the very center. The shield immediately blocks (70/80/100/120/130 + [x*.5AP]) damage for (1) second and for the next (5) seconds gains additional shield for (5/7.5/10/12.5/15 + [x*.2AP]) damage each second. This completed shield can last for (6) more seconds draining mana for no additional shield. A total of (12) seconds from cast to natural expiration. Units and structures in the area take no damage as long as the shield holds. Units are still susceptible to crowd control. The cooldown is incurred when the shield
reaches the end of its duration, is manually deactivated, or broken.

When Apart: When separated, Yap generates a shield that is half as strong, and half the maximum duration... but half the cooldown, half the mana cost, and twice the rate of growth. The AP ratios are unaffected.

"She cannae take much more o' this, Cap'n!"

Cooldown: (16) seconds.

E - Resonance Cascade.

"I bet you never thought you'd see one of these, let alone create one..."

Cost: (130/145/160/175/190) Mana.

When Together: Yip and Yap's equipment instantly detonates in a small (400) radius, dealing (80/110/150/180/210 + [x*.4AP]) damage and also stunning enemies for (2) seconds. Yip and Yap are silenced at the moment of detonation for (2) seconds as their equipment recovers.

When Apart: As long as Yip remains with (850) range, Yap can activate this ability to create a line of energy (75) range wide between her sister and herself, which charges for up to (3) seconds Both twins are free to move during this time. After these (3) seconds or upon activating the ability again, units directly atop the line are damaged for (80/110/150/180/210 + [x*.3AP]) and stunned for (1.5) seconds. Incurs half of the normal cooldown. If Yip and Yap are within (400) range of one another, they will receive a (2) second silence as if they were combined as well as the full cooldown.

"Don't cross the streams."

Cooldown: (25) seconds.

R - Blast Off/Space Tunnel.

"We're not bangin' rocks together over here."

Cost: (200/275/350) Mana

When Together: Blast Off:The twins overload the Warp Generator, channeling for 2 seconds, and launching Yip with the Click-Click-Boom to target location up to (2000/2500/3000) and minimum (1000) range away. When Yip lands, she impacts the ground for (200/250/300 + [x*.5AP]). Incurs (33%) the total cooldown, and after this cooldown enables the use of Space Tunnel. Additionally, activating Blast Off will trigger the eventual collapse of a previously built Space Tunnel as if it had just been used. If channeling is interrupted, (66%) of the total cooldown is incurred.

When Apart: Space Tunnel: At their current locations, Yip and Yap create a tunnel in space linked by two warp pads (125) range wide. They are unable to be targeted directly, instead being moved across like terrain. Allied champions (including Yip and Yap) that step onto the pads and do not move off the pad will channel for (1) second and be moved to the other pad. Lasts until recast, or until a champion first uses the tunnel, after which it expires in (6) seconds. Yap cannot activate this ability if Yip is currently dead. Using a Space Tunnel will apply a debuff that prevents using it again for (30) seconds. Warp pads cannot be built within (800) range of active (non-destroyed) any enemy structures: towers, inhibitors, nexus, OR friendly inhibitors, nexus, or either fountain. Maximum tunnel range between both endpoints - (3000/3500/4000). Automatically available when separated.

"You can't cut back on funding! You will regret this!"

Cooldown: (300/250/200) seconds.

Conceptualization and Design Goals:

My goals here with this design are mainly an interesting way to run support. A few mechanical things might need to be swapped around, and of course ratios, but the concept is neat, I think. Ice Climbers (from Super Smash Brothers) in League. Think Chip and Dale, only they're both Gadget, from the Rescue Rangers. They would be complicated, with a stiff learning curve, but well-executed play would be fast-paced and a combination of tactical and strategic pin-point precision to capitalize on the versatility and breadth of their abilities.

By dividing, they gain more presence and response with significant benefits to battlefield control at the expensive cost of durability and ease of personal control. There had to be a reason for keeping them both in the field when separated, but their stats have to be obscenely low for most of the game, to stop people from leaving the other twin at their fountain and trying to play half a champion. But they also have to be neat enough to keep people you know. Playing them at all. Poor Karma.

I've currently decided against adding a few ideas for the sake of already staggering complexity but if people here figure at least one of these ideas is just outright awful (and i'm sure they will lol), I've got a few back-ups.

Their death timer: I'm not certain with the math because of both my inability to parse mental math as well as I'd like and the massive number of medications I'm prescribed, but it should come out to much lower if you keep surviving with one of the two, but if you lose Yip after Yap or vice-versa the timer should be up around where it is currently, but a little less, for those of you with a bad case of newbery (like me). Careful play would add up to like, about the reduced death timer mastery. And maybe it could stack! That would be P-Kewl (pretty cool). Unless you ended up with them dying as the same unit all the time. Oops.

The shield should be mana-efficient to turn on briefly, but be challenging to players by making them decide whether or not an occasional brief strong shield for a brief cluch block or a substantially more expensive and less efficient more powerful sustained shield. Unlike the one-trick pony that is Karma's shield. Don't let Riot giving you the ability to cast it without mantra ever make you do that if you've got a choice. Poor Karma.

I originally had their R and E switched, but it makes more sense to have more control from a design standpoint over the damage output and to limit such a strong mobility move with the restrictions of a typical ultimate.The original E, that is, the current R, would have almost been like semi-permanent waygates, but even with the restriction on structures preventing their placement, being able to basically permanently ignore huge portions of the map should take a large amount of effort and precision. What I really like about the ultimate is how it encourages separation and strategic manipulation of both twins for the benefit of the team as a whole. In its current imagined state, the ability to let the pad just sit there indefinitely until used encourages both planning and improvisation. The entire team could go stop a baron, but the twins would have to A) set it up before hand B) get everyone through immediately, and C) not be able to use it anywhere else for the substantial cooldown. The debuff does not only act as a limiter in this capacity, but it also shows the enemy team if the ultimate was just used! So yeah, for all their tactical nuance, their ultimate is definitely meant to be fairly strategic.

Addendum edit: recasting Space Tunnel triggers the collapse of the previous tunnel, which means that for 8 seconds, two separate Tunnels will exist. Unprecedented strategic mobility if carefully maintained. Combination Ice Climbers and TF2 Engineer, also makes julienne fries!

The E for the Twins together is more of an "OH HEISENBERG" attempt to stun and run, but when apart requires some serious skill to apply effectively. With maximum cooldown reduction, if you can aim it properly, you would have a 1.5 second stun through an area every ~7.5 seconds by my current theory-crafting. and it can hypothetically hit every champion (who stands there and watches a line appear that wiggles around before exploding). Take that, Morgana! Additionally, this might teach people how to use Karma's friendship rope better. Poor Karma.

And I know their tooltips are really long, but I'm pretty sure I'm bad at tool tips (like really bad), so someone could do it better. Although I'm sure we're all aware of the essay that is Shyvana's passive that is in the live client.

I'm pretty interested to see if anyone will throw me some responses. I did a little research to try and get their concept and execution thoroughly squared away.

Also, their title is a pun. They're field specialists who specialize in fields. Force-carrying fields. :0)

I want to ask what YOU think, not what Riot thinks. How do Yip and Yap compare to Castor and Pollux, conceptually? I know there's a lot of technical stuff in the completed concept that you can ignore, but as far as their design goes, what do you think? I want to also point out I am not trying to outdo you, because your designs are fascinating, and because they are, I'd like to know from someone who is actively trying their best to produce concepts what they think about mine.

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I think being a victim of Riven's past wrongs helps create a stronger lore and rivalry than her being a Noxian/Zaun piece of collateral damage. It provides more depth to her as a character overall.

Being an Ionian victim of Riven's assault gives her reason to pursue an over-the-top path to revenge. She becomes a strong champ in her own right, showing she can hit just as hard as any other fighter. But Riven is trying to redeem herself for past wrongs. The confrontation of the two creates an odd tension. You don't have a true hero or villain in this scenario, and it creates for a more interesting dynamic. This is just the basic lore I connected though -- anyone talented at writing lore could probably create something twice as interesting using my own lore as the bullet points. I think what really makes Quinn interesting, is that she is an innocent who starts following a darker path for revenge; and at the same time, Riven is a guilty soul who starts seeking a better life through redemption -- and this happened for the same reason. Quinn's lore is essentially the other half of Riven's lore and it helps create a deeper concern for both character's development.

Here's some fun food for thought;
1 -- How does Riven deal with this confrontation?
2 -- How does Quinn really feel about Riven's new path
3 -- Is an alliance between them forged in the future?
4 -- Are they really rivals? or sworn enemies?

1. I doubt Riven would pick a fight but she wouldn't hesitate to use the business end of her sword if Quinn does
2. Mildly conflicted but not even close to enough to back down from her quest for revenge.
3/4. Assuming Riven somehow spares or helps Quinn down the road this could result in (a) cementing Quinn's hatred to even more irrational levels or (b) they could become frienemies (which would be amusing).

- I was looking over all your designs, and Leer-Vo and Castor/Pollux are both really sweet.
- Quinn I'd nominate for a rev2, but keep the heavy industrial look to her armor and change the bodysuit to light Ionian leather armor. Say she accepted Viktor's help to exact revenge on Riven making her an Ionian "corrupted" by Zaun influence the same way that Riven is a Noxian "corrupted" by Ionian influence.
- Ghost Fire Janna looks amazing but seems to be lacking some little something that will really set her apart.
- Tiny has the same issue in that he needs just a little something to make him unique from Malph
- Poison Guy looks super cool, but I know that Riot tried something similar with all the frost champs and it proved too difficult to balance. In the right team comp they are rabidly OP but individually way UP. The goal is for all champs to be fun and powerful in their own right, so forcing a champ into one team comp should be avoided.

These are great (which is why I keep posting...)
It'd be sweet if you inspire one of Riot's champ designers

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Good job! I really like these concepts, especially Castor/Pollux, Quinn, and Danielle. Keep following your dreams! ^_^

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Bumped so more people can see. Great work and really well done!

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OP some of your ideas are awesome
The one from malphites world and the guy with the pet
I so want to see a champion based on a pet control, like lycantrope in dota for quick example.
Elise, malzahar and annie are more like sumons, not really pets.

as for the one from malphites world, woulnautilus.d be nice to get champions related to champions we already have but has no relations. Like a relative to rhamus, a relative to kogmaw, a relative to nautilus.

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just a quick update -- kind of sickly, sleeping all day. new champ/revision coming when I feel better.

thanks for all the support guys

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Awesome concepts mate! I really like your supports! There's a distinct lack of wicked/sinister/evil/twisted supports in the league at the moment and I can't stand a single one! D:
I'd love to see Leer-vo and Sheele in LoL or something similar
Variety for the win Riot; support line-up could sure use some!

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Bump for giggles!