Dodging during promotion matches concern...

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Hi All.

I understand why Riot wants to avoid people dodging during promotion matches such that people cannot just dodge until they get a really good matchup.

However, I feel this is going to be EXTREMELY annoying for the following reasons:

1. the reason everyone is talking about, team troll issues.

2. what about accidental dodges, i.e. My game crashes quite often because Adobe Air is terrible, if it happens in champ select, that is a dodge.


My suggestions:

If someone dodges while it is still in picks/bans stage, it should solely count as a small dodge with a small timer penalty, nothing else. This dodge is obviously not due to team comps, and is most likely a legit reason.

You should also get 1 dodge per X games played. EVERYONE is going to have a legit reason to dodge every now and then... game crashed, important errand came up, friends got on and want to play, kool-aid man broke through your wall saying YAAAA.

These things are going to happen, and they become a major pain in the butt if they happen during your promotion matches. If you can only get 1 dodge per x games before penaltys, it will likely prevent people getting screwed to no fault of their own.

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