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Downloading patch problem

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hi guys, i have some problem and need help with it. Since last patch came out (about 25.10) i'm not able to download it. After turning on pvp.net patcher it stops at 33% calculating differences in moment downloading lol_game_client/releases/ and stops, after few minutes it shows bug "update failed. connection lost to HTTP server. Please check that your Internet conection is stable, and that HTTP connections are not being blocked by firewall. (error: 0xc1e90005)"

i tried to reinstall game but it didnt work, also found on forum advice to make few things like change rad_user_krenel.exe file to new, install frameworks 3.5 and 4.0 and others none of them worked. when i delete lol_air_client folder from my computer, pvp.net patcher starts to download all flies fine until it gets to the same moment as before, so i understand that i got connection that is able to connect with server but errror comes from some files.
i play on windows xp, did not downloaded any new things and i never had problems with my connection before so i have no idea what is it.
please help

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This is how I fixed my 33% update problem-

Please let me know if this helped you.