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[Skin Idea] Jayce Frost

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Best Jayce Ult



I had the idea of a winter/holiday themed Jayce skin. Jayce would have blue skin and spiky hair (like Jack Frost). His clothing would be a lightish aqua blue, with icicles hanging off of his sleeves. For his hammer I was thinking of it being a piece of ice (like a giant icicle).

Hammer Form:
To the Skies! (Q): Jayce jumps as he normally would, but when he lands the attack a small chunk of his ice hammer shatters on the enemy.
Lightning Field (W): Ice starts to shoot outward in a circle (the same size of the normal animation) from his feet.
Thundering Blow (E): He pulls his hammer back and when he strikes it forward, a small trail of snow is left behind in its trail.
Auto-Attack: Jayce strikes his enemies, a small snow powder cloud appears after each hit.

Cannon Form:
Shock Blast(Q): A giant ball of ice is shot out of his icicle cannon, exploding in to shards on impact or when the range is reached
Hyper Charge(W): Jayce shoots out 3 ice spears from his icicle cannon
Acceleration Gate (E): 2 ice pillars rise from the ground while a strong wind + snow are blown in between them.

Auto-Attack: Jayce shoots smaller balls of ice from his icicle cannon

Transform: Mercury Hammer (R):
When he is in cannon form, the ice at the top of the cannon changes into a hammer shape. When he is in hammer form, the hammer head ice shape, changes into the triangular shape that his cannon form has now.

If anybody would like to draw it, please feel free to! It would be greatly appreciated. Tell me what you think, what could be changed or added; also what should his clothing look like?

Thanks for taking a look!

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I would love to see this happen. 100% support

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Senior Member


well i really dont like jayce, but i love the idea of a jack frost skin soooo.... up-vote for ice

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Max Jacobus Void

Junior Member


while I like the idea... I think that there's already too many 'frost' style skins already. Riot will probably lean more towards a Thor (God of Thunder) skin or something rarer: a Superhero skin. Seriously, look at his classic splash. Doesn't it scream Superman?!?!

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Nurp Derp

Senior Member


umm, im on the fence here, because there doesn't seem to be any correlation between the two.