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Newbies in ranked (suggestion)

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Fs Son0fSilas

Senior Member


^ you said Ranked....

If this is the case then you can easily say that levels 1-30 are your training for ranked...and now you are back tracking and saying training before you even get into regular queues...which they have. They have customs, they have CoopVsAi, they have a battle training. Have you ever thought to make a levels 1-10 custom lobby? Get as many low levels as you can and just play, chances are all of the try-hards will be in Normals. That's how I learned <,<

Chances are smurfs will not join, they are too busy pub stomping. Though as was already said, the elo system is to get them out of the way. Chances are they will carry every single game against new players. Why? because they know how to farm and not die and not dive. Winning 6-10 games in a row, they will be no where near your in elo.

You mention "Ranked" in your OP at least 4 times, did you mean Normals?

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TCC Obliteration

Junior Member


im in the same position as IS13a2e0732031ca