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Twisted Treeline patch notes leak.

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"Attention Summoners of the Treeline!

Phreak here, just wanted to clear the air a little bit about our new map remake, and drop a little patch preview on everyone. Enjoy!

When we redesigned the Twisted Treeline, we wanted everything to flow a little less smooth for innovative or non-bruiser team comps, but it seems that people are still having a hard time noticing this. Due to people still playing AP and Ad carry champions for some reason, the following changes are being instituted next patch.

> We've noticed Darius is only getting picked in 90% of the matches, and we'd like to vamp that up a little bit. There's an upcoming Darius skin and I want to make sure sales are at their highest for the dunk master. Here's a sneak preview of the upcoming balances.

* Hemorrhage stacking was a bit too tedius for the low attack speed of Darius, so we've decided to reduce the max stacks to 1, but apply the Damage over Time of the fifth stack. No more pesky, drawn out battles to get those stacks up!

* Decimate's range has been extended to 800.

* Crippling Strike acts a lot like a Frozen Mallet would, but sadly, it can't always be on. That's no fun, and we know this is Darius' true core item is the fro-mo. With that in mind, we've decided to make Crippling Strike a passive, rather than an active. All auto-attacks and abilities now apply 30/50/70/90/150% slow on hit.

* Apprehend is an ability we've been struggling with for some time now, but we've decided it best to arrange things a little different. Please make note of the subtle changes to The Hand of Noxus' lore! A lot of designers here at Riot like Scorpion most of all the mortal combat champions, so Darius can now do that thing. Think of it like a better Blitz Q. (Also applies exhaust summoner spell on hit)

* Finally, Noxian Guillotine's cooldown has been reduced to 5/3/1 second(s) if the ult doesn't kill the champion it's used on. We don't really feel like you should have to wait until the end of the two second battle to use it. What a pain!

- Lord Van Damm's Pillager is getting a significant increase in this patch, because Darius no longer needs to rush Frozen Mallet, and we want him to have a really stronk item to open with.

* Lord Van Damm's Pillager armour penetration increased to (all of it)
* A new mechanic is being instituted that grants spell vamp, but only on True Damage. Here at the office we've dubbed it to be True Vampsteal. Van Dingly's Pillager now grants 150% True Vampsteal.

- TT is now DT. Darius Treeline.

That's all for now, but check back regularly and we'll keep you in the loop.
Good luck, have fun, and play Darius!

- Phreak"

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The Creator XIII

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I loled.

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jayce > darius any day