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Guide to Anivia, the Cryophoenix

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For revision: Veigar now deals dmg based on AP of self and target, not mana. I don't know if this is any better for Anivia.

A little bit of Mathcraft can help put things into perspective...

An MP-stacking Anivia has 3000 MP. Using the old formula, Veigar does 750 bonus damage because of your spec.

An AP-stacking Anivia has 500 AP. Using the new formula, Veigar does 400 additional bonus damage because of your spec. Nevermind what Veigar's AP is, you can't really do much about it.

And in my experience, unless you went mid with Mejai's, the former item build is easier to achieve than the latter.

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The Swedish Chef

Senior Member


Alright, so I need to find time again to update the guide properly. It's been kinda hard for me lately due to work, but I'll try to work on revisions over the weekend. But now for the fun stuff

Anivia updates!

Anivia - 6/29/2010 Update

  • Rebirth armor modification increased by 10 at all levels
  • Frost Bite range increased to 650 from 600
  • Flash Frost missile speed increased to 850 from 800
  • Flash Frost double-tap timer decreased slightly
  • Fixed a bug with Glacial Storm where additional damage ticks cost more mana than displayed in the tooltip
  • Base mana increased by 20
Anivia - 6/8/2010
  • Fixed the Flash Frost tooltip to correctly display that the cooldown of this spell is 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
  • Fixed the Glacial Storm tooltip to correctly display that the cooldown of this spell is 6 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where Icewall could be bypassed by ghosted units

So the older updates are kinda meh, except for one very awesome bug fix for the Wall which should make all Anivia players rejoice. Now it's only susceptible to Flash-like abilities.

But the newer updates, now those are outstanding. A range increase on Frostbite and a speed increase to Flash Frost, both of which are way overdue for their updates. And the bonus starting mana is also a nice little addition, not that it'll mean much after the first couple levels. The armor fix to Rebirth is pretty great though, so she lasts a little longer now before coming out of it.

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The Swedish Chef

Senior Member


Guide has been updated with my most recent playstyles finally!

I'll eventually throw in the exact Rune and Mastery setups I use as well.

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I could agree with you Pious, except for the fact that without that mana, it's hard to harass early game at all, and you end up sitting back on defense with her far too much because you cant use it quite as often. On the plus side, it does indeed make her better for team battles and ganks.

I'll try and add an AP build to the list later. I have a feeling that some AP items are going to get a slight decrease in the future, but I could be wrong.

Not true. I get boots and 4 pots, and about 7/10 times i get fb at lv 2 (ignite/flash).
Then i rush mejais, go gank other lanes, and finally i get a tear of goddess for mana. Besides the fact that anivia can get golem at lv6 very VERY easily. You don't really need any mp if you know how to aim.

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Not bad, but clarity + ignite = no no .

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Both of those are useful spells for Anivia and I would understand seeing someone take those as their Summoner Spells. But personally I take Ignite and Flash/Ghost/Teleport to make up for her poor mobility. The need for Clarity can be mitigated by either getting blue buff or getting an Archangel's early.

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I never found Clarity useful. It just gives way too little mana for how much Anivia actually needs. I take Ghost and Ignite.

Then again, my entire build is boots > rod > archangel staffs. Mana mana mana. I used to take Soulstealer but it's way too unstable and often leads to not ever being able to come back if I didn't get lucky with a few early kills. Besides, I find Anivia's damage fine as it is.
I kinda self-built, though, didn't come across any good guides when I first played her. :/

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Im not a big fan of starting off with items such as Dorians Ring as they don't "build into" something later on. Almost always i get Sapphire Crystal first, in prep for Archangels. I like the fact it gives roughly 2 more cast's of FF or FB. I find boots a waste considering the possible snare/escape options from skills.

Summoner Spells: Flash/Ignite
Flash to make up for not using boots (Usefull for escape and catching champs for the kill, cast Glacial Storm to Crystallize and Flash past your wall for a good escape, for champ kills Flash to get that much closer to the champ and either Crystallize to wall off or FF immediately, the range/speed of FF will usually catch up to the champ, slowing for a FB or if their low enough a straight up kill.

Ignite for the good dmg over time, helping to either kill while your in the egg or a lead in from a Flash to get a kill.

Archangels Staff: 3% Max Mana to AP for +60-90 extra AP seems to be better then other alternatives and early game its not to hard to get around 2000 mana at least, also you want to start building up to max that 1000 cap as soon as possible.

RoA: Same idea as Archangels, having it sooner rather then later, though second to Archangels considering the pro's.

Zhonya's Ring: By the time you get this item you should have maxed both passive's on the above items giving you over 400 AP. The Active ability gives time for more dmg to champs from team members or towers. Once you go into your egg after, it gave it you that much more time to stay alive and have others team members dmg your enemies and more of a chance for you to make it out alive.

Deathfire Grasp: More beneficial in the late game because at that point you have a lot more AP and it also does more dmg considering the higher health of enemy champs. (consider if facing a Cho'gath or other such high health champ)

Frozen Heart: Could be added in before or instead of Deathfire if the other team is packing heavy melee. (good choice because of the mana boost for spells+the AP gain and cooldown)

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I'm actually really fond of picking up the boots of mobility for anivia. It really throws your opponents for a loop as you are able to chase them down when they run allowing for some very nasty combos when you catch up to them.

I'm tempted to try boots of swiftness as a perpetual +3 movement is also very nice, but I like the +5 movement when not in combat from boots of mobility as it lets me get back to the action very quickly after recalling for mana recharge and item buying.

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The Swedish Chef

Senior Member


It's been awhile since I've updated this thing, but I'll be going over it soon to redo her current builds. As the game changes, so does her items little by little.