[Champion Suggestion] Neos, the Elemental Spirit

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Hi ! I had an idea about a champion, here's the details, He would be an AP Mid Champion :

Neos, the Elemental Spirit
Not "Element Master" as the old title might say
He would be some sort of spirit like this (girl or boy, same thing) LINK, changing color ingame (i'll explain later).

Stats :

Health ~ 370 (+80 per level)
Mana ~ 250 (55 per level)
Movement Speed ~ 305
Armor ~ 12 (3 per level)
Magic Resist ~ 35
Attack Damage ~ 50
Health Regen ~ 6 (0,5 per level)
Mana Regen ~ 6 (0,6 per level)

Suggested Items :

- Sorcery Boots
- Liandry's Torment
- Rabaddon Cape
- Rod of Ages
- Void Staff
- Athene's

Abilites :

Passiv : According to while Neos uses his abilities, they gains bonus effect. He also changes color/form depending on while he stands (fire spirit on ground, water spirit in water, wind spirit in jungle).

If i explain, he uses elemental abilities (fire/water/wind), according to while the spell is used (ground/river/jungle) the spell will gain a bonus effect.

Q : Meteor - Neos drops a fire ball from the sky on a single target. If the spell is used on the ground (one of the three main lanes), the meteor explodes, dealing damages around the target.
Cooldown : 8/7,5/7/6,5/6
Cost : 50/50/70/70/80
Range : 700 (500 for bonus spread).

W : Splash - Neos rises a splash of water on a targeted area, bumping the targets in it. If the spell is cast in the river, the range of the splash increases.
Cooldown : 18/15/14/13,5/13
Cost : 80/100/110/115/120
Range : 900 (350 aoe, 500 for bonus effect).

E : Gust - Neos throws a gust of wind cutting all ennemies it hits on the path. If the spell is cast in the jungle, the ennemies hit are slowed.
Cooldown : 5/5/5/5/5
Cost : 50/55/60/65/70
Range : 700 straight lane (like Xerath's Q).

R : Elemental Burst - Neos rises the ultimate rune on the ground, throwing fire,water and wind at same time. If the ennemy gets hit by one of the following element, they get the following effect :

- Fire : Stuns the target
- Water : Bumps the target
- Wind : Slows the target

Cooldown : 120/100/80
Cost : 150/150/150
Range : 700 around Neos.

Here's a little draw example : Link
It would be an AOE ultimate on the ground, splashing the three elements. Depending while the ennemy stands, he can get one of the effect, even two maybe three if he stands in the middle of it !

Also i wanted to add some "Rune" effect to the particles.
I mean something like this Link.

- For the W art, the rune appears on the ground and then water splashes from it.
- For the E art, the rune appears in front of Neos and then a gust appears with slashing wind.
- For the Q, the rune appears in the sky and then a fireball drops from it.
- For the R, a big triple colored rune appears on the ground.

Skin Idea

Alternate Neos : Instead of beeing a Fire/Water/Wind spirit, it would be an Earth/Ice/Thunder spirit.

I think i said all i could... Neos is a name i found searching the elements, i think we can change it. But i'd like to have some champion like that in the game, really.
I'll update further informations like stats and quotes later, when i'll find some, you can also contribute to it.

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