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Is matchmaking in the new TT random? It kind of seems like.

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This is not the account in question, was just lazy to change accounts.

So anyway.

How exactly does normal blind pick matchmaking work in this new TT?

It seems like it is extremely flawed or it is just random maybe?

I didnt think any matchmaking would be random but from what Ive seen today, Im starting to think that.

Basically, Im helping my little brother reach lvl 30 on his secondary account which is lvl 25.

I have over 5x my losses in a fair amount of games in this new TT, and he has around 20 wins over losses atm. We are of course premading.

Somehow, in our last few matches, the matchmaking has placed us with a random player who is almost always either very low level like ugh.. 7?

Or they have literally 0 wins in TT. More often than not they will tell us "first time 3v3".

We manage to carry that player like 85% of the games, but it is extremely not fun to have to tryhard our way to winning 2v3s because that person feeds etc. unless we babysit him.

Not to mention sometimes matchmaking decides to go Ultimate Troll Mode and matches us not only with these types of players, but also against either a full team of lvl 30s 3 premade, or funny enough, in some rare occasions all their champions literally counter each one of ours lol. Sometimes many of these mixed together.

To counter this, I suppose, in some also quite rare occasions, we get matched vs a full team of non-lvl 30s who have low wins or are just not good TT players. This is also not cool

I dont know about you but considering my win ratio and my brother's not-bad win ratio I wouldve kind of expected at least some decently skilled players to be matched with/against us every match. We've played around 26 games today (yes, we have time) and probably 2 or 3 were truly "fair" games for both teams.

Is it really random or we are suffering some horrible bad luck sprees in regards to matchmaking?