Vrenth, The Herald of Bone <Champ Concept>

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Feed back would be wonderful, especially if i can get someone to help with the numbers and ratios and what not.

Vrenth,The Herald of Bone

Primary roles,

Passive: Bone Collector- Units that die near Vrenth grant bone stacks, giving him increased armor, health regen, and retaliation to auto attacks (like thornmail, fire shield, or defensive ball curl). each stack grants a certain number of retaliation hits that scales with level, and he can have up to 6 stacks at once.
Enemy units also drop a pile of bones upon death. He can pick up these bones after 2 seconds, granting aditional stacks to his passive. piles fade after 6 seconds

Q: Fracturing Curse-Shred's the target's armor and magic resist over 4 seconds, after 2 seconds, they take a mild burst and are hit with a decaying slow for the remaining 2 seconds

W: Vengeful Dead- Summons a minion based off the number of stacks in the passive
0-1: low health, low damage, a bit slow
2-3:low health, medium damage, medium speed
4-5: medium health, medium damage, fast
6:high health, high damage, fast.
last 12 seconds, 20 second cdr at all ranks.
Passive: While full stacked, gain bonus magic damage to auto attacks. Skeletal minions also drop a pile of bones upon death.

E: Bound in Blood- Vrenth damages himself for a % of his current health, applying a 1.5 second snare and a heavy dot to the target and 1 target within 200 units of primary target.
p: binding low health targets, 50%< , apply grievous wound for 3 seconds.

R: Corpse explode- Detonates all piles of bone within a radius, and all of his current bone armor stacks. He takes a % of his current health for each stack of bone armor, and deals moderate damage to those around him or standing near his bone piles.
4% per stack to himself
100,200,300 per stack/pile to enemies around him
Low ap ratio if any. Each pile has half the radius of explosion he does. The activation radius be roughly the radius of morgana's or galio's ulti.

Lore: The Shadow Isles are not a place for the feint of heart, or the weak of spirit. They will chew up any foolish adventurer who dare's enter their borders. It is here the boundry between the dead and the living seems to fade, and where all the Noxian necromancers have their final test. For Vrenth it was no different. Durring the final test, he went missing, the teachers thinking he got cocky and got himself killed. In reality, he did die that day, while encountering a lich. Before his spirit left his body, he used what magic he could to bind the lich with his own pain, and crippled it to dust. Needing a body, the lich fused itself to his soul, planning on taking over, only to find itself dominated instead.
When Vrenth returned to Noxus, he challenged the head necromancer, and claimed his new title.
"Death is certain... staying dead, now... that's a whole other story." -Crazy old man who lives at the border of the shadow Isles.

Karthus ('cause karthas is a lich of some sort)

Physicality- He is tall, and broad, like Darius. He has thick, angry eyebrows, and lime green eyes. his jaw is strong, suiting his frame. His chin is hidden by a long, slightly braided black goatee. His build is large, and has a confident/proud posture. Very dominant and strong.
Wardrobe. He sticks to mostly cloth and furs, having metal clasps, and chains all over. He has a bandolier that has a blue and a red potion in it strapped across his chest., and looping under his mantle.
Other: He carries a book with him at all times, though if it is a spell book, or simply a way for him to channel his spells is not certain. It could just be his diary for all we know.
He has a large claw scar on his head, clipping the top of his right ear, and going straight to his brow.
The attachment holds the image i used as a guideline and what gave me the idea. My GW2 necromancer.

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