[Support] Carissa, the Rotten Mender

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Micro-Lore: An experienced Mender in her lifetime who has since been cursed with undeath. Now offers the League rot- and plague-based attacks bolstered here and there with her advanced medical knowledge.

Appearance: A young woman who was fair-skinned, her body is now dotted with bandaged wounds and patches of rotting flesh. While her left eye is a clear violet, her right eye is naught but a blackened, bloody orifice. Her mage robes are white with thin red accents,and look like a fusion between standard robes and a real world nurse's outfit. Has a matching cap with a red heart on it. The outfit is now spattered with blood. Strangely, her hair (bushy pigtails) is still golden; knowing her, it's probably a wig.

Stat Ratings:
Attack Damage - 47 (+3)
Attack Speed - 0.644 (+2.3%)
Max Health - 400 (+77)
Regeneration - 6 (+.6)
Mana - 0 (+0)
Armor - 16 (+3)
Magic Resist - 30 (+0)
Movement Speed - 335
Attack Range - 550

Passive: Mender's Touch - Enemies affected by Carissa's spells are infected with a stack of Mender's Touch for 6.5 seconds, which Rot the afflicted for 4 seconds when they receive 3 stacks. Carissa siphons life from those Rotting whenever they take damage, healing herself and any allied Champion attacking them for [20 + (5 x current level)] health each.

Q: Self-Medicate - ( Range: 525 | Cost: 4% of current Health | Cooldown: 9 seconds)
Carissa bowls her head at the target enemy, biting them to inflict 80/130/180/230/280 (+ .5 AP) magic damage and healing herself for half as much when her head rolls back to her body.

W: Sanitation - (Range: 700 | Cost: 6% of current Health | Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds)
Carissa stomps her foot to trigger a wave of corrosive muck erupting in a line in front of her, dealing 70/100/135/175/220 (+ .7 AP) magic damage to all units it passes through. The infectious muck Enervates those hit for 3 seconds, reducing their damage output by 30%, passing the infection on to their allies within 150 range of themselves, and applying a stack of Mender's Touch to those who weren't hit by the muck wave.

E: Surgical Precision / Major Incision - (Range: 600 | Cost: 6% of current Health | Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds)
Carissa tosses her left arm to the target location, which then chases the closest enemy Champion in a 225 radius (lingering for 3 seconds before skittering back to her body if no enemy is found). Upon finding an enemy, Carissa strikes at their pressure points to inflict 60/80/110/150/200 (+ .6 AP) magic damage and shutting off their ability to cast spells for 2 seconds.
You can activate this skill while the arm is in mid-flight to the target location, causing Carissa to viciously slash anything in the landing area on impact for 80/110/150/200/260 (+ .6 AP) magic damage instead.

R: Panacea - (Range: 800 | Cooldown: 120/105/90 seconds)
Carissa reaches deep into the muck, dredging up something for a .5 second uninterruptable cast time. Afterwards, a legion of corpses reaches up from the 275 radius target location, their long arms grabbing all enemy Champions and slamming them into the ground to deal 150/250/350 (+ .8 AP) magic damage, stun them for 1.5 seconds, and inflict full stacks of Mender's Touch.