[Champion] In depth request. Seth, the sand mage.

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Here we go again!! For those unfamiliar, "Seth" was the nickname given to a project said to be started by Riot of a new egiptian-like champion. Here are some screen captures that you can find around the internet.
Seth drawings and possible champion splash art

Since the whole Seth thing was leaked, a load of fans of the concept started creating skill concepts around him like this missleading league wikia article, which is a fanmade in case you didn't notice.

So I thought, hey, what if I give my own thoughts on how a champion like this could fit in the league? Let's go for it.

Lore, references and characteristics
First off, the champion should somewhat fit within the Renekton/Nasus lore and concept. Renekton and Nasus are inspired in the egyptian gods Sobek and Anubis. This "Seth" seems to be identified with Horus, or maybe Ra. I'd like to go for Horus, since Ra was more of an "all mighty God of Gods" concept, and Horus was the creator of the egyptian people.

Summing up these brothers' lore, Renekton and Nasus were the gatekeepers of the Great Library in a far away land. Renekton could detect and kick whoever wanted to get access to the knowledge of the library to use it with evil purposes and that sort of drove him mad and made him become evil. Nasus on the other hand is the calm minded one. That distant world seems to be at constant war due to some of them believing themselves as descendants of Gods or plainly Gods over the rest of species of the universe. (You can find a way better detailed lore in the Nasus and Renekton lore pages, or ingame, specially the Nasus one).

So, who would this "Seth" be? This is my theory:

Seth is one of the bestial guardians who fight the ones who believe themselves as Gods. Since both Nasus and Renekton were abruptly abducted out of their universe, the Great Library no longer had it's guardians, and the ones who thought themselves as Gods broke in and won the advantage over the resistance. Seth finally discovers where Nasus and Renekton had been, and decides to travel to Runeterra to find them in a mission of recovering the gate keepers of the Great Library and making them assume the consequences of their departure. His magical powers allow him to fly to the fields of justice and start looking for the brothers. He is the only hope for his people. The balance must be redone on his land, and the gatekeepers are the only ones who can do it.

Since he's based on a hawk-like God, I like to see him as a scout, a balance between wisdom in decision making and quick thinking in action, cold headed but stubborn, not an "all hail the Sun God" type of dude but rather a young, unconscious guardian who throws himself to the adventure of recovering Nasus and Renekton.


Both Nasus and Renekton are bulky, fighter tanks. Actually, Jeremy GamingCurious defines them as "Raid Bosses" (here's a video). When I see the really tanky bulky damage over time dealers, I realize they are all melee and AD based. So I was thinking, what if we bring to the table a Lategame AP tank? In the lanes of Lissandra and Rumble, but bulkier in order to be more oriented towards damage soaking and not damage bursting, much like an AP version of Renekton or Nasus in fact, that's the idea.


Here's probably the most difficult one. Thinking of a hyper-tank AP is fun, but balancing it with the proper abilities can be thought. I'll do my best, but these are subject to change. I am not going to input any numbers for the damage dealt by the abilities, since that's for the balance and not for the creation moment of the concept (except for stuns and range). I like to think of it as a utility-based champion that is semi-mobile in short ranges but gets outclassed by long range pokers/autoattackers.

(Passive) Claws of the Guardians: Seth deals a percentage amount of damage based on AP on every autoattack. The more AP he has, the less this percentage becomes.
Explanation: This is basically an improoved Nashor's Tooth/Spellblade built in as a passive. However, in order to make it balance and preventing people from building straight up AP, I add the reverse scaling concept. The more AP you have, the less percentage of that AP is taken into consideration on the autoattack. This damage, however, should stack with Nashor's Tooth, Lich Bane and similars.

(Q) Dust to Dust
Range: 550
Damage based on: AP
Seth throws a wide sand ball projectile in front of him. The more units this sand ball collides with, the more damage it will deal on consecutive hits (Max. 5 units). If a fifth unit is stroke, the unit will be marked and the skill can be reactivated for the next three seconds to create Sandpool.

Sandpool: Seth blows the mark on the enemy, creating a 75 diameter range pool that grows to 100 diameter range for three seconds. Every unit caught inside the pool will be slowed by 10/15/20/20/20%. Slow effect is immediately removed when leaving the area.

Explanation: I want a skillshot that goes through units and deals damage the more it goes on. It is the longest skill of Seth's kit and it's not that much of a large range, so I want to award people who successfully chain 4 minions and deal the 5th blow on a champion, and discourage people from throwing it directly to an enemy champion.

(W) Courage Flight:
Range: 450.
Seth beats his wings once, throwing himself forward to a desired, close location. If a slowed enemy is hit, Sandstorm is created on top os Seth.

Sandstorm: Creates a 250ranged pool that drowns enemies to the center and deals AP based damage over time. The damage on the area lasts for 4 seconds. A unit can only be pulled once every Sandstorm. Entering the Sandstorm ring will pull the champion even if it wasn't inside the range when casted.

Explanation: Works similar to Diana's W (in fact it has the same range), adding a Damage over Time effect on the area. It is a basic Q-W combo if you manage to hit Dust to Dust on a champion on it's fifth strike.

(E) Swords of the Ancient:
Passive: Seth's Sandpool and Sandstorm now give a Sand Mote stack. Seth can only have 3 Sand Mote stacks at once.

Toggle ON: Seth enlarges his claws, gaining 50 autoattack range. The next autoattack Seth executes will have a 0.5 cast time, and will do increased magic damage based on the amount of total sand motes obtained during the game. Each Sand Mote Seth had when Sword of the Ancients was toggled allows an extra attack, but is consumed. If all 3 maximum stacks are consumed, Seth will suffer 25% of the total damage dealt as phisical damage and the spell will be toggled OFF. While Toggled ON, Sandstorm and Sandpool do not grant Sand Motes.
Explanation: Sand Motes are displayed on the resources bar. Works kind of like Rengar's Ferocity, but only with three charges and loosing a charge per autoattack. Also the fact that the more Sand Motes you get, the more damage it deals makes this ability worth at late game and reminds me of Nasus' Q.

(R) Ascension:
Seth flies up in the air, spreading his wings and enlarging his size, knocking up any champions at 100 range from him and away any champions located between 100 and 200 range from him. Knocked up enemies will be dealt magic damage. Seth's body is covered by a 175ranged Fire Sandstorm for 13 seconds.
Fire Sandstorm: Steals part of the bonus armor and magic resist from champions located within the sandstorm, and adds them to Seth's current armor and magic resist.
Explanation: A sort of "finish him" utility-based spell to combo out with a successful Q-W combo. Slowing someone then pulling him towards you and afterwards knocking-em up seems super fun though I think it's balanced because it's a really really short ranged skillshot and you'll be lucky if you make a full combo on one of the enemies. The knockup range is the same as Lulu's ult. I wanted something that resembled Nasus and Renekton's ultimate but also addded something different. Fire Sandstorm's range is the same as Nasus' ultimate.

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Seems like a cool concept you got there...really hoping that Riot does release a sand mage this year, I'd be really disappointed if they didn't, I've waited too long >.<