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Jungle Buffs and rewards [Summoners rift]

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Hey guys how would u like if Riot brings some of the monsters and buffs from the old Twisted Treeline into the Summoners Rift?

Ghast [Wraith]
Crest of Flowing Water - Increases Move Speed by 30%

Rabid Wolf
Crest of Nature's Fury - Increases attack speed by 20% and reduces cooldowns by 10%.

Big Golem
some new buff for example splash damage on attack
or for example 20 armor and magic resist

Lesser Monster
Healing - Restore some of the missing mana and health
Right now this buff is useless like the Brute Strength mastery
this buff restored ~75 health when i jungled with Akali at level 1
ok but i have around 500 health so what would +75 health help me with?

and to increase the Gold per Lesser monster from 6 to 10 or 20
Caster Minion gives gold 16 and 6 gold for lesser monster its just ridiculous
a lane has tons of gold while the jungle barely gives any

on top of all i think the jungler should stay in the jungle a bit more
so monsters would be harder to kill like in old Twisted Treelines

harder monsters i mean i kill wolves with level 1 akali without using a potion
and i had only potions
so i mean u should have some kind of defense or monsters like the wolves would kill you
and the Wolves at the old Twisted Treeline kicked my ass when i was jungling with rengar [and i liked it ]

Right now only the Ancient Golem and Elder Lizard gives me a challenge [at level 1 ]

and u know the jungler would no stay only in the jungle for example the respawn time would be bigger for monsters

i think this way it would be more enjoyable for the jungler or anyone decides to jungle a bit