Looking for Ranked 5's team for season 3

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So here's the thing, I'm typically a good team player but not so good at leading a team as I experienced this past season trying to lead my own team. I'm generally a pretty laid back player and I play to have fun but I do take the game seriously and am looking for like minded players. In my previous ranked experience I've done fairly well when I solo queue but not so well in a team setting because as I said I'm not a very good leader when it comes to League. I have Skype. Also, my time zone is GMT -7 (arizona). I am currently I college so school takes priority but I am still typically on league 2-4 nights a week. Add me in game if you're interested in what I have to offer.
{Edit}: also, I own every champion as of Elise if it matters.

Here's a list of the roles in order of my best to least and champions I am relatively skilled with in each.

Primary Role: Solo Top
(good) -Garen, Dr Mundo, Riven
(used to be good/haven't played in a while) -Mordekaiser, Akali, Rammus, Gangplank
(learning) -Fiora, Irelia

Secondary Role: Solo Mid
(good) -Brand, Morgana
(used to be good/haven't played in a while) -Akali, Caitlyn, Vladimir
(learning) -Ahri, Syndra

Tertiary Role: Support
(good) -Soraka, Karma
(used to be good/havent played in a while) -Morgana, Sona, Nidalee
(learning) -Alistar, Blitzcrank

Fourth Role: Jungler
(used to be good/haven't played in a while) -Warwick, Tryndamere, Nunu, Nocturne

Fifth Role: ADC
(used to be good/haven't played in a while) -Ashe, Caitlyn, Graves

Thank You for your consideration. =)