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Looking for an experienced adc for ranked in S3

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Hello! I have played leauge of legends for a very long time (about 4k games) i can play most roles and have until recently mained adc. But i have noticed there aren't very many experienced supports! I have gotten mad so many times when my blitz pulls their for example volibear jungle and they towerdive and i die...
This is the reason i've started maining support, i already know how to play most of the supports but before i can really master the support role i want a good adc who i can learn to synergize with. Im 1500 elo and hope to climb even higher when i get a good adc to play with!

I want to start playing ranked with support in 1 or 2 weeks, then i've probably mastered the role of support for 1500 elo games atleast!

Ty for reading