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Twisted fate help

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Ok, I have been playing twisted fate A LOT lately and am very good with him.
I usually go mid, but occasionally go top
I like to play as apc, but have troubles achieving that top
I am wondering what is a good build for him top

Is it better in general to build apc or adc
I have heard opinions on both

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First off, AP TF > AD TF in this meta. AP usually goes mid, and AD usually goes bot. You're lvl 18 atm, so Twisted Fate top works for now, but it doesn't later because most of the common tops eat TF alive.
Based on the one game I can see that you've played him with, you're going AS/hybrid on him. It works, but it's not as good as pure AD, AP, or AS on-hit is.

The only top lane build that sort of works against some champs is Atmogs Fate, which requires a specific rune and mastery build to go with it. Once you have that, start regrowth and a potion and rush Warmogs, Beserker's Greaves, Atma's Impaler, and a Phantom Dancer. This is an offtank build based on landing constant Gold Cards, so don't expect to be doing a lot of damage with it.

EDIT: Here's a link for some good TF/build guides http://www.solomid.net/guides.php?champ=twistedfate