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Hello my name is (FallEnFrOmGrAc3) Russell Daniels and im looking for a team to tryout for to be a AP mid support or jungle, i want a legit team trying to shoot for top 32 and a spot in the chase for the season 3 summoner's cup! I can play anytime i have Skype and can preform well i can attend any practice's (whether short notice or planned) here are my status

Name: FallEnFrOmGrAc3
Age: 18
Location: TN
Lane/Champion: Mid/Twisted Fate (can play any mid how ever TF is my best) Jungle/Any jungler (rengar best) Support/any
Times Availability:' Any

Contact me in game for a try out or to talk more thanks for seeing my resume see you on the fields of justice